Rumor: Treyarch making Doom 4?

Duke Nukem is a 3D Realms property, and has nothing to do with id Software at all (none of them touched that game at all, it’s a completely different engine made by a different company and different people). Doom, Wolf, and Quake were the only id Software licenses up until Carmack made Orcs & Elves for mobile phones. Commander Keen and the other assorted games made by Carmack and company were owned by Apogee, and I’m not sure where the rights ended up.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the talent that worked on the original few Tony Hawk games (the ones that were still pretty fun), the good Spiderman games, etc all jumped ship to other companies at some point. Wouldn’t it be interesting if some were at EA working on the new “Skate” game or had a hand on the Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction?

It’s still all in all a bad idea though.

Why? Just because you disliked it dosen’t mean it sold badly or that everyone agrees with your opinion that it was bad. Doom 4 would surely make money so why wouldn’t they make it?

Enter the Matrix sold a metric assload of copies, but really it had to just to cover the development, publicity, and licensing costs. It was complete shit, and I’m pretty sure nobody who reviewed that pile was interested in a Path of Neo game.

Id’s working on something new.

That’s what they said before they made Doom 3. Trinity was folded and they resurrected Doom and someone left the company.

I think they said they are working on something new in the recent interview I posted. They are going to tell something at the E3 or Quakecon later this year and it’s new IP.

Trinity was a tech project, not a game.

There was debate over where to go after and Adrian Carmack pushed for a new project and then left after it failed.

Now, id officially is working on a new franchise.

Not enough degrees of freedom?

I use to love corridor 7! I played the shareware a ton. That and Blake Stone ruled!! Oh man… I really liked Blake Stone. I never did get to play a full version of it.

Blake Stone was decent, but cmon, Corridor 7 was shit. You played it because it was an FPS and, well, there weren’t many of those available back then.

I don’t even think the second and third “episodes” (if that’s what they called them) of Doom 1 were anywhere near as atmopsheric and immersive as the moonbase episode - the shareware part. That shit was awesome. Even the horizon you’d see out the windows was awesome and added a ton to it.

Of course, Doom 2 did have the double-barrel shotgun… which makes up for a lot.

I’d love to see something that captured what the old Doom had.

Part of it was the simple ruthlessness of it all. I’m not sure they’re going to be able to find that again.


Doom 2 was also very very good level design-wise. The first one was a mixed bag, with a great first episode. You could see the evolution of id as level designers in the fourth episode, Thy flesh consumed, added in the Ultimate Doom version. More coherent, more daring, a lot of stuff that you found in Doom 2. Plus, it has great new textures and monsters :p

I liked Doom 3 as well. Fuck the haters.