RUMOR: Xbox 360 - Now w/ a 100 gig hard drive?

First, let’s me reiterate that this is a rumor.

That said, I’m posting this here because I think it raises an interesting question: How exactly does Microsoft plan to “re-launch” the 360?

In some ways, this makes sense: with the 360s soon to be in plentiful supply, they have to do something (I’m presuming) to shake things up and get attention to their relaunch.

In other ways, it doesn’t: Do we really need a 100 gig harddrive for a console? What about the early adopters? And what about the children? Why won’t anyone please think of the children?

Given how hard they made people work just to get one of these damn things, they ought to give that hard drive to all the people who bought a 360 already as a gift for standing in line/getting up before the sun/etc.

But that’s assuming the hard drive story is true, which I doubt.

After posting, I thought about it and think they could offer maybe a year’s worth of Xbox LIVE in the first million units produced… though I suppose you still have the same problem as the hard drive… What do you do about the early adopters?

100gb hard drive makes sense if they want to start pushing more downloadable content than just demos and live games. Movies and full games would eat right through that.

I don’t believe it either, but I’m still just sayin’.

If they have the infrastructure and the backers loaded up, I could see downloading true HD movies through Live for $6 a pop or so as a pretty attractive option.

Hey at least it would make me happy I waited!

Why do it now when you have unsatisfied demand? Why do it now when you could throw it in this fall to make the system more attractive verus the PS3/Revolution? Why do it now when you can charge for it later as a upgrade? Why do it less than six months after release and piss off the million or so customers who already bought the system?

Making the hard drive standard from now on makes more sense.

I think that instead of disbelieving the rumor we should demand that MS makes good on the 100GB promise!

Someone needs to start a website and an email campaign.

here’s a link to the original thread thats the source of a rumor, the story sounds REALLY fake.

The guys on the microsoft gamerscore blog said there was no such announcmenet, altho that doesn’t really mean anything.

I’m just surprised that a forum post by some random guy is getting so much attention.

how big is the existing HD?

existing HD = 20gb, but it only has 15gb avail from jump IIRC, some space is reserved for updates, swap file, CDDB database

It makes sense if they want to jump into IPTV big time. Itunes is picking up more and more television programs, and movies are rumored to launch next month along with some kind of higher definition Itunes standard.

One way MS could get a jumpstart into the market is to come out big time on the 360. Right now Apple is weak because very few people have computers hooked up to the television. I know I’d think about getting a 360 if I could rent Netflix through it, or whatever.

Bogus rumor. Here’s MS denying it:

I’ve never met a Best Buy employee who knew anything, let alone inside information.

I don’t understand why the X-Box 360 wasn’t hard-built with a HD to begin with? Drivers under 100 Gig drive are dirt cheap, and the performance benefits (plus making things easier for developers) would have made a lot of sense (at least to me, a non-console owner).

It seems unfair to expect games like Oblivion to have been coded - making the developer change a lot so it’d work OK without a hard drive.

I’m not saying we came to any clear conclusion, but I think short of some big chunk of new information, that discussion has been done to death. Let’s not start it up again.

This biggest reason that this story is bogus is that 80 GB would be too much of a jump. MS would miss the opportunity to get you for the 40 GB, 50 GB, and 80 GB drives.

Heh, that was my first thought, too. Adding on a bigger hard drive for the same price within a year of launch would royally piss off all the early adopters. If they ever offered something like this, I suspect it would be sold as an add-on only.

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