Is very smooth.

Going down, anyway.

If it comes up you’re doing it wrong. If however you wake up next to someoone you don’t know you’re doing it right.

The last time I drank a ton of, or any, Rumplemintz was back in college, crazily enough. I woke up in a strange bedroom with a little doggie staring at my face. He had that cute WTF? cocked head thing.

I recalled the night before, standing in a shitter in the bar’s baffroom, my head reeling and my stomach flumphing and thinking Man as long as nobody fucks with me for a bout 10 minutes I’ll be g

And then my buddy fucking kicked the door in and went AHAHRRRAHGAARRH ARE YOU OKAY? and I fucking puked all over him. THAT’S A NEGATIVE, GOLD LEADER.

Last time I drank it I ended up cheating on my girlfriend at the time with some chick from the restauarant I worked at. She was not good joss.

I just like what you call it when you mix it with liquorice liqueur: I’d like a Dead Nazi please, barman

Rumpleminz and Gatorade:

German Jockstrap.

Any alcohol that you can light up is never a good thing.

You can light up most hard liquors, silly. Cognac is one of the most notable ones.

That would mean you stick to beer, wine and girly liquers like Baileys then?
Any real alchohol burns like a dream.

Put Rumpleminze and Vodka in the freezer overnight. They become syrupy, not frozen.

Mix together in 50/50 ratio.


I found this little gem in one of Mike Stackpole’s Battletech novels. This is known as a PPC (pulse particle cannon), for good reason.

Not just overnight. You should always have a bottle of vodka in the freezer. That’s where vodka lives when it’s not being drunk. It’s positively beautiful, I wouldn’t call it syrupy, it’s that really wierd borderline state where you think that it is not completely liquid and there appears to be a slight slowness and cohesiveness to the body when you pour it, but you wonder if you are imagining it.

You must then drink it quickly, so that it does not lose that consistency (or drink it where it is really cold).

Perhaps terrible vodka turns syrupy; maybe that is a way to tell the difference between good and bad, I don’t know.

Rumpleminze + chocolate milk = awesomeness.

What is rumpleminze? I didn’t go to highschool in the USA so you guys have to complete my education.

An abomination before God, that’s what Rumpleminze is.

EDIT: Only one step below Cisco: the Devil’s Liquor

How does rumpleminze differ from peppermint schnapps?

EDIT: Ah, nevermind, I see that it is just a brand of peppermint schnapps.

Including your stomach.

My best friend and I drank a bottle once between the 2 of us. Never again.

One worknight I was out at a bar having a couple of beers. It was a low-key evening, I maybe had 2-3 beers. Then I lost some silly bet, and had to drink one shot of the winner’s choosing. He got me a rumpleminze & bacardi 151, called “Rocket Fuel”.

I was still drunk the next morning on my way to work.

Now that I know its just a brand of peppermint schnapps, We would on cold nights. do the same thing except it was with Hot Chocolate.

Oh, neat. I was just reading the section of On Food and Cooking where they talk about various herbs. Peppermint makes your mouth feel 10 degrees cooler than it actually is because the menthol from the peppermint activates the cold receptors on certain nerve endings, making your brain think that it’s 10 degrees cooler than it actually is.

It’s the reverse effect of the heat we feel from eating chili peppers. Capsaicin from the chili peppers activates the heat receptors and tricks your brain into feeling heat where there is none.