Rundown on what Destiny 2 is about?


I’m trying the free base game as part of PS Plus subscription. I played a little of the first Destiny, but never had a clue what was going on. Can someone bring a newbie up to speed on the story stuff somehow?



This guy can!


Fantastic, thanks!


That was very informative for me, since I didn’t play any of the Destiny expansions.

However, that video is the story up to the release of the final Rise of Iron expansion. So it doesn’t cover what happens during Rise of Iron.

Let me see if I can find one that covers that as well.

Here’s one that has Rise of Iron. I queued it up to that point.


Pardon me while I borrow Tom’s shtick - ha ha, you guys are paying attention to the story in a Destiny game.


Well, I never did during the game itself, which is why these videos are interesting.

Destiny and Halo are two games where I usually have no idea what’s going on at any moment. I just go to the next objective and shoot stuff.

The first Halo is the only exception to this. Oh wait, also Halo: ODST. That had a pretty clear story too.


Just skip the cutscenes.


Is the QT3 Destiny 2 clan still alive? I started playing again since the new expansion has gotten good reviews.


I’ve been playing a bit over the last week or two on PC, and think I’ve seen one other clan member in that time.


Playing Warframe, I pay attention to the story, and I have no idea what’s going on.