Rune: Ragnarok - You have my axe, Human Head!

Human Head Studios is excited to announce Rune: Ragnarok, a sandbox, open-world RPG. Set in a dangerous universe where gods, beasts, and the last remaining humans struggle to survive, Rune: Ragnarok combines brutal melee combat with rich, Norse-inspired mythology.

I thought this was a thread resurrection from 17 years ago.

Here’s how you can tell it’s 2017: “sandbox, open-world RPG”

On the upside, it’s not a “roguelike”!

I always liked Rune, Old Man Murray’s brilliant pan notwithstanding.

OMG what?! I LOVED Rune! LOVED. This is great!

This looks like it could be potentially awesome.


What…and no mention of collectibles or crafting?

The dead giveaway for 2017 would be lootbox.

YES! This was first teased way back in 2012, but they couldn’t find a publisher.

This time around, they don’t have one.

Development of Rune: Ragnarok is being funded by ESDF Management, a video game production and finance company.

“Rune: Ragnarok is the first video game we’ve committed to financing. We’re incredibly excited to support the vision that our partners at Human Head Studios have offered for long-time fans and newcomers to Rune alike,” said ESDF Managing Partner, Matt Candler.

Loved it too (once I got through creeping around in Hel killing turtles). Always wish I got onboard early enough to try the MP headball!

Yeah, Rune was underrated and a lot of fun for me. I think some people just hate melee combat FPS games, no matter how solid they might otherwise be.

How can you say that? Is there some other source of info of what the game is? That video doesn’t show anything at all. Its pure hype. Do you build bases like you do in conan or is it just a PvP game or what? I have no idea what this game is other than something taking place in a frozen forest wasteland.

Besides the teaser trailer, the only details available are from the press release, which mentions it’s a PC exclusive.

Human Head Studios has revealed Rune: Ragnarok , a sandbox, open-world RPG set in a dangerous Norse universe during the end of days. A highly anticipated follow-up to Rune, the team’s hit action-adventure game, Rune: Ragnarok places players in the middle of an epic battle where gods, beasts, and the last remaining humans struggle to survive.

By pledging allegiance to one of the Norse gods, players gain favor and special abilities to aid them as they raid enemy villages, fight the undead in brutal melee combat, sail to new lands, and craft powerful weapons to complete the goals of their god and conclude Ragnarok.

Um… because between the text and video provided in the OP I feel this has the potential to be awesome?

I was just wondering if you had a source of information that I did not. So far, I can’t make any judgment about the game itself since I do not really know anything of substance about it other than you will be fighting in a norse mythology world and its supposed to be an open world sandbox, whatever that means in this context.

To clarify, I’m not saying I pre-ordered it and the hardcover strategy guide, I’m just saying it has the potential to be awesome. Many games I look at when they are first revealed and are directly covering a subject I have even a passing interest in, or a visual look I think is cool, can fall into this category. I’m also not making any judgement other than “if this turns out to be what it sounds like they are going for, with the visuals they are shooting for, I’ll want to know more”.

What did Rune do with regards to melee combat in an FPS that you enjoyed so much?

My favorite melee combat First Person games so far:

'5. Condemned: Criminal Origins - Hitting homeless bums with metal pipes never gets old.
4. Chronicles of Riddick - Very satisfying prison melee combat.
3. Skyrim. Block with LT, Attack with RT, when sword hits shield, you feel the feedback.
2. Zeno Clash - Lots of satisfying moves, you felt the combat intensity

  1. Dark Messiah of Might and Magic - Chocked full of satisfying melee moves. You felt so badass.

Melee combat that I didn’t enjoy: Dead Island. Waiting for a stamina bar, made it more of a resource management thing rather than satisfying melee combat.

Melee combat that I haven’t tried yet, but it looks like it has potential:

Dying Light
Shadow Warrior 2

I remember trying Rune back in the day and not liking the melee combat, but I don’t remember why.

EDIT: After watching the video you linked, it looks like this wasn’t first person at all. Not sure why you called it melee combat FPS. It’s a third person game. That’s probably why I didn’t like it. So to amend your statement: Some people just don’t like 3rd person melee combat. That’s true! That includes me.

You mean Dark Messiah of Kick and Kicking?

Third person is fair. But I also define corridor shooters as on-rail shooters, and also as cutscenes. You shouldn’t be relying on me as your primary source of Video Game Science™

That reminds me. I need to play Condemned, and Zeno Clash! I found Skyrim incredibly boring.

In b4 somebody else mentions how awesome Die By The Sword was.

(Actually I barely played it, but it has quite the reputation…)