Rune: Ragnarok - You have my axe, Human Head!

The Early Access release has been delayed from next week until winter.

Although we were close to the anticipated launch, there was feedback from the community that we felt needed to be incorporated prior to release. We’re excited to continue to improve the game with the extra development time and still want continual input from the community through our beta tests. The most important goal is to deliver a game that is bug-free, balanced, deep and, most importantly, a massive amount of fun. Here’s what the extra time allows us to do:

– Greater god interaction: more player abilities, additional quests, narrative, and blessings and curses
– Additional combat polish to player attacks and enemy abilities
– Adding the female player character
– Additional rebuildables (more buildings, structures, and shrines)
– Rework the crafting system to have more diverse crafting recipes
– More places to explore and more secrets to discover
– Additional fierce enemies: Dragons, Sea Serpents, additional Giants, and some surprises

Chris Rhinehart, Rune’s project director, will be hosting a developer stream on Twitch at 5 p.m. CDT (in 70 minutes time). Hopefully we’ll see the newly revealed woman viking character model in-action.

It’s now called Rune II and will be hitting the Epic Store this summer.

I want, if only for its setting.

Delayed a year? That’s a shame. Can’t say I’m loving the colour grading.
There better be lizard-eating for all this wait! Wouldn’t mind seeing the multiplayer resurrected, either.

Perhaps the excellent REKKR can tide you over?



When will the rest of us be able to get it?

What’s the deal with the Epic Store pushback? The latest video comments were filled with people having hissies it’s not on Steam. Which to me was ironic, considering how last decade people would just spam the crap out of Amazon reviews with 1 stars if a game was on Steam (SecuSteam, they called it).


Allow me to present you with this thread in our very own Q23

Chris Rhinehart’s currently streaming an hour of gameplay over on Twitch. Deathmatch’s confirmed for launch, with arena mode hitting shortly afterwards. :)

It will be releasing on Steam a year later in summer 2020. Human Head gave everyone who pre-ordered back in 2018 an extra EGS key along with a Steam key to do with as they please.

We understand that pre-order supporters were promised a Steam key for their pre-order purchase. To that end, we are offering every person that has pre-ordered RUNE II before 05/22/19 an additional Steam key containing all pre-order incentives, to be delivered when we launch on Steam in Summer 2020.

The Epic Store thread that anklebiter linked gets pretty nasty at times, so ignore all that. Just go straight up to the original post, which has been turned into a wiki by the moderators that anyone can edit. It summarizes all the concerns people have with the Epic Store.

Back to Rune II: I have to admit that trailer makes it look like a game that has a very retro feel, both in terms of graphics and gameplay. I’m not sure if I’ll enjoy that type of game anymore.

Showing off the deathmatch for the first time over on Twitch.

Some cool details on the various ages in the game. Whenever you die facing Loki, the world resets and introduces a new hazard or challenge (e.g. the age of treachery where there are traps and enormous battle everywhere) for the player.

Gotta love all the down votes whenever the devs post a video. I’m assuming it’s over the choice to go with Epic’s store over Steam.

Yeah, people are pretty ticked off about them taking that deal, even though it helped put more people on the game and gave them more development runway.

BTW, John, if you’re interested I’ll have a spare Epic key when Rune II launches in August as I pre-ordered the game last year, which you’re more than welcome to have if interested.

Any dates announced yet?

Over on the Discord channel and in their recent Twitch streams, the community manager revealed the game will release this August, but we’re still waiting on a proper date (hopefully in tomorrow’s dev stream). They’ll be sharing a post-launch roadmap before the 1.0 hits, too.

Definitely interested, thanks much!

Oh. This is not what I expected. Building and crafting? Chopping down trees?

Releases November 12 on EGS.

Nice wishlisted!