Running multiple machines in WoW behind a hardware firewall

OK, I’ve got multiple machines behind a Netgear FM114P. Wow requires opening a bunch of ports, which I did… but they can only be forwarded to one machine at a time. So how am I supposed to run the patch facility?

I turned on file sharing (blech) and managed to copy over the files that had changed by visual inspection, but it was a drag. WoW just patched again. Is there a better way?

Given the number of families with multiple systems behind a single router, I’d think this would be a growing problem…

Thanks in advance.

You may want to try port triggering, instead.

Port triggering is kind of like port forwarding, but leaves the ports closed until a computer initiates data transfer on that port, then leaves it open. I think you can have port triggers set to multiple IP addresses, but I can’t honestly remember.

Otherwise, you could also have the ports forward to each IP address in two separate listings. That may work.

Thanks for the advice. It doesn’t look like the FM114P supports port triggering. :( I guess I could look into multiple rulesets.

Edit: FM114P doesn’t like mapping ports more than once, either. I guess it’s either get a new router or continuing to copy over changes by hand. Blech.

I’m curious, why not just open those ports on the firewall for everyone? If the game is the only application that uses them it shouldn’t harm anything. Unless you’re afraid someone has some sort of exploit to take control of your computer through the open ports when the game is using it, but that would seem excessive.


Some consumer routers (like my Linksys 802.11b WiFi router) don’t support opening up firewalled ports to the entire network. By default, most inbound ports are blocked/hidden from the WAN and are only opened with port forwarding. Of course, models like mine also don’t block outbound traffic.

However, it does look like, at least according to that the FM114P will allow you to open up the port for outbound traffic to the entire network.