Running With Rifles

Whoa, this has been in development for three years? The current version doesn’t look very different from that alpha video linked above from three years ago.


You’re definitely right that the look hasn’t changed much, but it plays better now, I think. I spent some time with it way back in alpha, and I thought it was lacking in charm and high on the inscrutable scale. It’s better now on both fronts—a little more approachable and more forgiving, and a lot more charming in the gleeful cartoonish violence.

Given three years of development, I should hope it plays better! :)

I couldn’t really get used to the whole idea of playing a first-person shooter from a third-person, top-down, fixed camera perspective. It was hard enough maneuvering around behind buildings and whatnot, but what really killed it was trying to suss out lines of sight from, say, the top of a building down onto a street. Cute presentation and certainly plenty of action, but this new perspective on familiar gameplay doesn’t really work for me.


This looks like I could like it, but…
Maybe it’s just me, but every Youtube video I’m looking at for this game makes it look like there is some kind of blurry film put over the top of the whole video, except for when they bring up a menu, and then only the menu looks fine.

I have absolutely no problem with the simplified or minimalistic graphics that this game apparently uses, but I’m finding it difficult to see those graphics underneath that layer of (for lack of a better term) colored Saran Wrap. It’s hard to distinguish things. Maybe I’m just looking at the wrong videos though.

Giles, I think that’s a reasonable complaint. Some of the maps have a very next-gen-2008 brown look to them for sure, and the voxel graphics for soldiers and guns are naturally somewhat blurry-feeling. It doesn’t Youtube especially well, though—it’s more noticeably lacking in contrast and distinction than most games, going by a quick comparison. If you like the way it looks in screenshots but not videos, you might end up liking it overall. Screenshots are more accurate, in my opinion. If you like those, it might be worth a try.

Tom, I don’t know when you last tried it, but is it possible things have changed since you did? The controls make sense to me. (Probably in part because I used to be a big Infantry Online player, and the top-down style comes pretty naturally to me as a result.) They’re very twin-stick now—WASD for movement in the cardinal directions, mouse for pointing. As for LOS, that’s still tricky, but there’s a better indication of it now. Whenever your crosshair is obstructed, you get a line from the obstruction to the crosshair, so I’ve found it difficult but possible to work out the issue.

That seems to be the case…I think. Hard to tell from the screenshots, but a lot more of those seem to be okay than the videos. Thanks! I think I’ll give the demo a shot.

most people who stream, (even very popular streamers it seems) tend to have very blurry streams/videos for anything in motion. It took me quite awhile to get my stream clear enough to be acceptable to me. It’s a huge pet peeve of mine to see blurry video though. Especially when not live

Is anyone still playing this?

If it wasn’t for the laggy servers and the fact that buildings don’t turn transparent when you’re behind them, I’d say this is a brilliant co-op multiplayer game. It’s come a very long way from the first version I played (possibly before Mr Bismarck even made this thread).