Rush, Boom, Turtle: Everybody Look What's Goin' Down

Title Rush, Boom, Turtle: Everybody Look What's Goin' Down
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Features
When November 14, 2008

These three games are simple but not simplistic, elegant but no less exciting for it, and all liable to be overlooked by business-as-usual RTS fans. Read Rush Boom Turtle #10..

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2016 link:

Read Rush Boom Turtle #10.

just a general statement on you fishing out archived and functional links, you’re doing the work of a saint @Rock8man. Thanks for doing the effort for us all.

Agreed. It’s really cool of you to be doing this, Mr. 8man.


You’re welcome. And I just want to say, these Rush, Boom, Turtle articles are so good. I love that they really dig deeper than most strategy game discussion. Like the one about naval warfare and it’s importance in Supreme Commander and other games where it’s been built into the balance. I was hoping for the longest time that the Three Moves Ahead podcast would provide that as well, but sadly never did as far as I listened to it.

Even when you were on the podcast as a guest Tom, I remember being so frustrated that they would cover a topic at a surface level, but even when you wanted to dig deeper, they would interrupt and insist they had other things to cover and change the topic. And I remember Soren Johnson was on, and even that episode was a very surface level discussion of the state of the industry mostly.

So yeah, Rush, Boom, Turtle is the only good article series (or podcast) I know where you actually discuss important strategic gameplay concepts for RTS games. I wish there were more entries.

Speaking of which, @tomchick, any chance you can re-post this series on Qt3? I know you posted the Always Be Villagering article again, and I was slowly making my way through these. I noticed the one linked to in this thread is one of the ones where the links don’t work to pages 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the article in question. So if you follow the link I posted above, you only get to read the first page. I tried searching for the other pages in the Internet Archive, and came up empty.

Just go to the next date they captured the site and it seems to have it all on one page… I might be missing something, I didn’t read the article (yet). But isn’t this what you want?

Nice find arrendek! I’ve changed my link to that one too. That one’s perfect. I thought I looked at them all, but I must have missed that one.

Glad to be of assistance.