Rush, Boom, Turtle: Waiting for Starcraft II

Can you believe Stormrise came out a mere few months ago? That game tanked so hard it feels like it came out last year.

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Tom, I know you weren’t exactly impressed by CM: Shock Force, but have you tried the new Theater of War game? The first one I found too fiddly and chaotic, but this one looks more polished, not to mention absurdly beautiful.

I suffered through Theater of War when it first came out, and I haven’t seen how the follow-up turned out. Since you mentioned it first, I nominate you to be the guinea pig! I’ll be over here playing Swords and Soldiers on the Wii. :)


Heh, serves me right I guess. I liked the demo, but I’ll be happy to report back with a full review once I upgrade my system… again… to something that can do the graphics justice. Boy do I feel like the PC guy on those PC/Mac ads now.

sneaks a peek with badly-feigned disinterest at the bright colors flashing on Tom’s screen

Being a DirectX-10 only game really helped that title for sure…

Tom, you know playing Swords and Soldiers on the Wii, is very close to playing a strategy game on the iPhone/iPod. You know you want to. ;)

Hey look a thread with starcraft 2 in the title! I have to post in it, especially since I’m also just waiting for Starcraft 2.

I’m waiting for another Starcraft II thread before I post in one.

For Tom… :)

You are an evil little man.

Honestly, though, if I wasn’t knee deep in so many cool little games, I’d probably be more inclined to get an iPhone.


I’m not evil Sir!, I’m just concerned about your gaming welfare, that you might be missing out on even more gaming experiences, regardless of the quagmire you appear to be in now.

/em wonders about what those little cool games are, so perhaps I can get my wellies out and wade into the knee deep slurry of gaming and perhaps share a flask of coffee with Tom :)

Tom, have you played Trine yet?

Trine is an RTS? I haven’t played it yet, but I think that might be stretching even Tom’s definition of strategy.

I’m highly amused that the entire internet seems to believe that the word of an anonymous programmer at Telltale posting on a forum is unassailable truth.