Rush drummer Neil Peart dead at 67

I spent a whole lot of my younger years listening to damn near everything Rush ever put out, and Peart wrote most of the words as well as providing that amazing percussion. RIP, great one.

Damn. A superior talent.

Not a Rush fan, but 67 is way too young. RIP

Oof. Shame.

They were good. My local rock station played them pretty much every fourth song in the early 80s (in between Def Leppard and Priest and Y&T) and I dug it.

Then I graduated junior high and lost touch with my inner hesher…but every now and then I put on Moving Pictures and remember.


Oh wow, I hadn’t even seen this thread, so I already posted in the other thread where Neil’s name is spelled wrong.


R40 tour, Greensboro, May 2015 (point-n-shoot)

That sucks. 67 is too young.

Well, at least he is gotten recognized twice here.

Damn! Huge RUSH fan. They were the reason I became a musician many years ago. Peart was such a gifted drummer who inspired and ignited the fire in so many.

Wow. Progressive Rock has been hit really hard the last few years. So sad. RIP.

I’m going to see Y&T next month. It’s just Dave anymore because the other original members have passed, but he’s the band. Looking forward to it.

Rush never got any air play and just werent a thing in the UK. I know Peart from when i started playing guitars and got to learn who all the virtuosos of each instrument were.

That’s amazing to me. I mean, maybe here in America we had the proximity, but the UK and Canada do share a Monarch, after all. And Neil Peart (along with the rest of the band) was awarded as an Officer of the Order of Canada, making Rush the first group to collectively receive that award. If nothing else, you’d think that Queen Elizabeth II would have told the rest of the UK about that.