Rush Limbaugh, racist AND drug kingpin?

Who knew?

Apparently a vast right wing conspiracy deleted your link.

Apparantly, the left have always known and were waiting for the opportunity to play another race card on a conservative. Because, after all, all those fucking rich white people hate those darkies.

Awwww, all upset that your hero turned out to be a little widdle drug addict?

Nice. You liberal dope smoking hippie types are the first ones to paint drug addicts as victims of society and in need of help rather than jail, yet you shun them if they are conservative. The double standard has no boundries.

Funny, I was just thinking the same thing, since Rush is the first to eviscerate a liberal if they’ve got any form of personal failing. Does he now expect compassion and forgiveness, in violation of the personal standards and “values” he’s espoused from his pulpit for his entire career? Or is it only that weaknesses are despicable and unforgivable when succumbed to by someone whose politics you disagree with, and entirely understandable when succumbed to by someone from your political party?

Rush deserves sympathy and treatment for his addiction. It’s a tragic thing. Rush deserves censure and exile for his unbelievable fucking hypocracy and the ridiculous double-standard he has established - do as I say, not as I do. Pathetic.

Leave poor Limburger alone! He suffers a painful affliction: Head up His Own Assedness. (Or bmulliganitis, as it’s also known.)

Isn’t Limbaugh a chickenhawk? didn’t he avoid Vietnam because he had ANAL CYSTS. HAHA what a motherfucker.


Damn straight.

Ummm…this is an allegation. There are reports that he is being investigated…that’s pretty sketchy and seems like awfully convenient timing. Now I think Rush is an ass for a lot of reasons, but people seem a bit too ready to believe anything bad said about the guy. Let’s at least wait to find out if he is guilty.

and mulligan has a point here. If liberals see addiction as a disease that is not in the addict’s control, then they should cut the guy some slack. Who cares what he has said in the past? Maybe Rush is a hypocrite, but it’s just as hypocritical to jump on him and excuse others.

They’ve got not only several hundred emails of his, requesting drugs at various intervals, sworn testimony of his intermediary, the woman who got the drugs for him, but two taped conversations of him asking her to aquire drugs for him. As for “letting other people off” - hypocracy is something I do not excuse in ANYONE. It’s unforgivable to rail against the very “sins” that you commit. I am not jumping on the man for being an addict. Addiction to painkillers is not a rare condition, and it’s a tragic thing that is exceptionally damaging to your health. He deserves to be treated and detoxed. Abuse is not the appropriate response to addiction, nor is incarcaration. What I am angry about is his behavior - calling for addicts to be deported, castigating in SPECIFIC oxycontin addicts, and attempting to create a political climate in which people who suffer from his specific affliction are sent to jail, instead of sent to rehab. If you don’t believe that the man deserves to be castigated for behaving in a manner totally free from ethical constraint, then you and I do not live in the same society, sir.

Miss my point much? I didn’t say that he shouldn’t be condemned for his hypocrisy…he should. He is an idiot for saying those things and if THAT is why you are attacking him, more power to you. I think you are right. However, those liberals that attack him for BEING an addict are being just as bad. I didn’t mean to imply that YOU were doing that, but that many people in the liberal media seem to be, or at least aren’t making it clear that what they condemn is his hypocrisy. You may be (and I think you are) right if you condemn him for being an ass and holier than thou, etc.

However, maybe he is NOT a hypocrite after all. Maybe he actually thinks HE should be deported, etc. if it turns out he is an addict. Of course, I doubt it, but let’s see…he is usually pretty good about not backing down from his (usually moronic) positions. If he does make himself an exception, he is a hypocrite, but that doesn’t necessarily mean his arguments about drug addiction are wrong. Do you think that someone who smokes can’t talk about how bad smoking is and that people should quit doing it? Just because he or she is unable to stop smoking that doesn’t mean the argument against smoking, or even what should be done about it, are wrong.

Unfortunately, his arguments haven’t taken the line that “drug addicts need to stop doing drugs,” his arguments have taken the shape of “drug addicts need to be forcibly and permenantly excised from our society, and tolerating or helping them would be giving into a moral decline that will destroy our values.” And being familiar with his history and his past “indiscretions”, no, I have absolutely no confidence that he will state his arguments should be applied to himself. I also doubt he will apologize, or concede his hypocracy. Backed into a corner, he will decry this all as a conspiracy orchestrated by the (nonexistant) liberal media to destroy him. He may apologize for the addiction itself, or milk it for sympathy, but he won’t admit that he was either wrong or a hypocrite. It just isn’t in his nature.

That said, I agree completely that people who attack him for his addiction itself, rather than what it, combined with his past positions, reveal about his character, are simply grinding an axe against him, and that is unseemly and very disappointing.

Nah, just people who spend lots of time getting angry with Clinton for s1moking up.

Maybe if he wasn’t such an asshole.

It’d be nice to see a rich white guy do some serious prison time for drug abuse, just once, you know.

It’d be nice to see nobody doing prison time for drug abuse, ever again.

Maybe if he wasn’t such an asshole.

It’d be nice to see a rich white guy do some serious prison time for drug abuse, just once, you know.[/quote]

That’s the real problem isn’t it. It’s incredibly hard to just forget the things this guy has said. Quatoria has pointed this out well. Rush has been completely unsympathetic of people with addictions. That makes it hard to show compassion for him. Addiction is a really hard thing to fight and, if he is guilty of this, it’s almost absurd that Rush wouldn’t be able to see that and be more understanding of the condition in others.

The Enquirer apparently has the story though, and while they’re far from a bastion of journalism, they tend to be a bit more careful about stuff like this. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some truth to it. I’m sure Rush will skate with the public regardless. “My ear hurt and I got hooked on painkillers.” Maybe it will shut him up a bit at least.

Actually, Mark, there’s a medical study that says abuse of painkillers can lead to hearing loss. So the theory is that’s why Rush had/has deafness.

Since Rush is in no way dependant on “the public” he’ll be fine. Dittoheads coined a term that basically tells the world “we don’t think, we believe what this guy says.” He’s entirely dependant on this niche audience because most conservatives I know really don’t like Limbaugh much.

How could anything damage him?

This is not a good week for the dittoheads. First this whole Plame thing, then the Rush getting fired thing, then the Rush has been popping illegal pill thing.