Russel Peters: The Chinese word for "Uhm..."


I knew what this word was going to be even before I saw the video.

Ni ge, as I recall. Pronounced “neeguh”


hehehe that is correct! I don’t get why the video clip is funny however. Ive heard English people say um much more than the Chinese equivalent!

The Chinese version of “um” sounds like a certain English racial slur. That’s the gag in the video clip.

Kinda got that from post #2

Precisely. A very, very taboo racial slur.

I remember a lot of raised eyebrows around the conference table in Wuhan, when the translator was on her phone saying, "neeguh neeguh neeguh. . . "

It’s also funny that the Chinese lawyer doesn’t get the joke, probably because they’re so precise on pronunciation in Chinese, that it didn’t occur to him how much leeway we have in what is said vs. what we hear.


Yes, but not for the reasons you think.

I stated the reason I thought, what’s your reason?


It’s a troll handle, not an actual lawyer residing in China…

Ah, wasn’t aware. <chagrin>


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