Russian photographs, 1917-1945

Fascinating series; off metafilter from a while back, but I only around to looking at it today.

Thanks, Jason.

Very cool, the irony of some of the prices of the photos isn’t lost on me.
I wonder if any of the negatives are intact.

That’s such a great website, if only I was running 6000x800 resolution.

When did Soviets stop smiling in pictures? Cause in 1939 they’re still smiling.

Speaking of Russian photographers, have you ever seen the color pictures taken by the Russian photographer Gorskii at the beginning of the 20th century? They’re actually in color, and not just colorized by modern techniques. Here’s a sample: link

Ever seen the pictures the motorcycle chick took of Chernobyl?

Not exactly high art, but interesting.

June 22nd, 1941, probably.