Rutherford Falls: on Peacock

Anyone watching this Mike Schur show with Ed Helms?

Mike Schur you say? Shit now I gotta try it.

It’s kind of…tame…being Peacock and NBC after all. Perhaps something of a come down after just watching Birdgirl.

Halfway through and I’m enjoying it. Nathan Rutherford is extended Andy Bernard, which isn’t a bad thing.

Feels like they’re trying to do a fine balancing act of talking about some complex racial issues while still being a mostly inoffensive and family friendly show.

Since this is from Mike Schur, I had assumed it was a comedy. But after seeing the first episode, I realize it’s not. It’s a serious show which occasionally has some laughs. I’m not finding any of the characters really except for Jana Schmieding’s character. I might give this a try eventually if I’m subscribing to a month of Peacock anyway, but I’m not going to subscribe to watch this show.

(Btw, the first episode, on the free version of Peacock, only has one ad break, so the ratio of ads to show is very nice).

Second season dropped and it’s even better than the first, in my opinion, mostly due to less focus on Ed Helms.