RwS does nothing but makes the game industry look bad

Check out the mods:

Then check out the dirty pervert mod:

I’m all for free speech, but this will only reinforce the image that gamers are perverted morons w/ no lives. What’s next? A Columbine Massacre mod? sigh

Also… RwS are saying that there product is #1 in retail sales. So misleading:

Yea… if it’s #1 at retail, then why didn’t even make a dent in the top ten? I’ve looked at Gamespot’s top ten for the last month and I’ve never seen Postal 2.

And oh… How about the Postal 2 skanks? Er… I mean hotties! :D

Bah… :x

If I remember right the only reason Postal 2 got made was because one or more of the devs has their own money. No publisher supported them. According to PC Gamer in their “Top 10 most contraversial games” list the first only sold 50K.