Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe are The Nice Guys in Shane Black's new movie

A very red band trailer.

If hadn’t been sold by Shane Black’s name alone, Gosling’s scream sure as hell would have. Can’t wait.

That looks GREAT! Shane Black’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang with a dash of PTA’s Inherent Vice or Boogie Nights.

Looks so good that it makes me nervous it just showed all the good stuff.

Can’t wait!


Oh hell yes. And by summer of 2016 I will have forgotten all of the great stuff in that trailer. Just someone remind me not to watch it again is all.

I came here to type “That looks GREAT!” and was sort of creeped out Djscman typed not just same words, but used the same capitalization I was planning to use.

Well, still stands, I loved KKBB and I love Iron Man 3. So much cool packed into this trailer (though I did worry I was seeing all the best bits, I should have shut the trailer down 60 seconds in, but ah well, what can you do?)

That looks great, but I wish I hadn’t watched the trailer. I feel like I’ve seen the whole thing.

I’m going to have that song stuck in my head when I get up tomorrow morning, I can feel it.

Immediately thought of that one as well and I LOVE that movie.

That looks amaaaaaaazing. Loved KKBB so I need to see this.

Just came back from it. If you like Shane Black, you won’t be disappointed. It’s terrific.


I loved it. I saw it in a fairly packed auditorium (odd, since it was a 10:30am showing), and there was quite a bit of applause when it ended.

Wasn’t going to see it until I found this out. Now maybe…

The trailers led me to believe this would be more of a comedy than it was. I’d be hard pressed to label this as terrific. It’s a competent if not memorable romp back to the 70’s with a peripheral story that appears and disappears as if through fog. Russel Crowe was the best as the pudgy muscle man. Wondering if it was intentional, it obviously was as he’s now showing off how he lost 52lbs.

Hm, I liked it a lot, and found a lot of laughs in it. Felt like an action-comedy in the 48 Hrs. vein.

It did seem to have a lot of tells that this was one of Black’s pet scripts, but I was OK with going along for the ride.

My son and I are seeing this tonight (he loves Iron Man 3 as much as I do, and as I loved Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and I know he would like it if I had thought to rent it from Amazon last weekend…) to kill a few hours before X-men starts. Should be a good night.

I’m not ashamed to admit, I’m more excited to be seeing this tonight than X-men.

I liked it a lot and think it delivered on the trailer. Crowe and Gosling are having a good time, and I also tip my hat to the child actress playing Holly since she did a good job as well. Dark humor, snappy dialogue, a classic buddy-movie setup, and a crime story that starts small with a seemingly trivial job. There also are a few meta jokes here and there, e.g. Matt Bomer’s character John Boy having the same birthmark Richard Thomas (John-Boy in The Waltons) has.

It’s very much a movie for those who enjoyed KKBB.

Well I enjoyed this for what it s. I was charmed by these two on the screen. It was silly, of course, especially the convoluted plot but so were all the Lethal Weapons, 48 hours, etc. when it came down to it. I am not a huge trailer avoider, but I do think they revealed too many of the best jokes in the trailers.

Liked it well enough but I wanted to love it and it fell short. Maybe my hopes were too high. It is a slow builder and it does pay off, mostly, in the end. Hard to put my finder on it. I’ll bet if it didn’t start two “above the title” stars and was more of a hipster, indy thing I would have loved it.

As an aside, they got many things about 1977 (or maybe, specifically, Los Angeles in 1977) right but a great many other things terribly wrong. WHAT was with the circa 1960s police cars and ambulance? Was there some in-joke there that went over my head because that was glaring. That was it mostly, I guess.

Oh yeah, they drove by Los Angeles’ Comedy Store a couple of times and had the name Tim Allen prominently featured. Interesting if only because the movie has tie-ins between Detroit and Los Angeles and Tim Allen is from Detroit and started to make it big after he moved out to Los Angeles. But 1977 seemed to me to be awfully early to spot Tim Allen headlining at LA’s premier stand-up showcase. So I looked it up and he was almost certainly still in Detroit and just starting as a comedian and he didn’t move out to L.A. until the 80’s sometime it looks like. That’s a weird thing to throw in the movie as they did it more than once.

The other thing that stood out to me was a scene in Holly’s bedroom where she has both a poster of Sex Pistols’ Nevermind The Bollocks on her wall and of The Clash’s iconic London Calling album cover photograph (w/o the title; just the photo). So she’s a 13 year old punk rocker? Cool. Way ahead of the curve, but still… cool. However I was certain that the photo for the cover and the album didn’t come out until 1979 (fact) and when I looked for the Sex Pistol’s album release date I learned it was the end of 1977 in England so probably later than that in the U.S.