Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe are The Nice Guys in Shane Black's new movie

I finally got out to see this one. It was really good! If KKBB was a 10, this was an 8 for me. I feel like the leads were great, but it’s hard to follow the magic of RDJ and Val Kilmer in KKBB.

Yeesh. This did not deliver at all. Crowe and Gosling are normally awesome, but I got zero chemistry between these two characters. What a mess and what a waste.

Great movie both leads were great, and not sure what Kemper is on about but worked well together. Hardly a mess!

Yeah, I loved it myself. It’s been a while since I saw Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang but I’d put this right up there with it.

As a bonus, I remembered at the last minute that Wednesday night was the last showing in my town so I ended up with an accidental private screening:

Wish I hadn’t seen the trailers. Normally I never worry about seeing the trailers because usually long enough time passes for me to forget what was in them, but not here…too many great scenes I had already spoiled. It is a good movie though, even if the whole “serious” side of the plot was kinda messy and not very interesting. I would be up for a sequel though, the Crowe/Gosling duo has potential and the daughter was great as well.

Listen to the podcast to hear Tom and Kelly articulate similar feelings about this film.

Not sure why? That’s my opinion - enjoyed the movie. I don’t require my opinion to be validated.

Other way around. Tom and Kelly weren’t really into the leads, and go into greater detail about why. It’s always interesting to hear things from another perspective.

I love watching trailers after I’ve seen a movie to find out how much the experience would have been damaged if I’d watched the trailer before the movie. It invariably reinforces my resolve not to watch trailers for movies I’m going to see. The Nice Guys trailer was a horrible way to undercut the movie itself. Ugh.

It was interesting to hear Shane Black on a podcast talk about how Nice Guys evovled as a movie script, then a TV project, then a movie script, then a period piece, then not a period piece, then a period piece. No wonder if felt kind of incoherent to me. Also, I have to wonder if Shane Black just doesn’t work for me without Robert Downey Jr. along.

Because you said you didn’t understand what Kemper “was on about”. It’s got nothing to do with validating your opinion, it’s got to do with someone responding to your comment. That’s how conversations work. :)


I thought this movie was fantastic, more fun than a timeless classic. Solid performances, a funny script, fun action. Definitely worth checking out at a minimum. One thing I dug specifically was the action. There had to be an ineptitude built into the action which can be tricky to pull off. I thought The Nice Guys balanced that into the mix really well (I’m including Gosling fighting the toilet stall door in this statement).

For the most part I never felt truly engaged with this movie. But then some action would take place on the screen that make me laugh so hard, I was doubled up laughing on the couch.

So yeah, I wish they’d had a more engaging story and characters. But two thumbs up on the action and the humor. Especially the humor. This is a funny damn film.

Yeah the story is convoluted, but the trio dynamic is great. Russell Crowe is a big softie inside, Ryan Gosling is a drunk detective and a really really really bad dad, and the daughter (an Aussie!) is adorable.

By the book Shane Black movie I suppose. Who remembered the plot of Lethal Weapon anyway? Or Kiss Kiss Bang Bang?

I could use about 5 more of these. Throw in a crossover with Joaquin Phoenix from Inherent Vice while you’re at it.

I wanted to remark how much I loved this movie, particuarly the dynamic with his daughter. Maybe one of my favorite movies of 2016 so far. I’d recommend it unconditionally to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

Also, if you liked this, you owe it to yourself to check out Terriers, if you have not already.

Great, though short lived, show that The Nice Guys reminded me of.

Well, finally saw this one after having it on the wish list for awhile. The bit above where it was movie, then tv, then movie again strikes a chord, as my feelings about this movie are very uneven.

Loved the 1st hour with great Shane Black buddies, violence and humor, and then the second hour became a pretty dull cop movie. Overall, I still enjoyed it, but it could have been so much more.