Rywill to E3 attendees: Fuck you

Not only did you jam all the restaurants at lunch for the past couple of days, the traffic getting out of downtown today was the worst I’ve ever seen it. And you got to see tons of cool new games while I was stuck at work.

Bastards, all of you.


If we still had Guests on this board, I am sure an E3 Attendee Guest could have wished Rywill a healthy f*ck you right back. Damn you foofighter!

Oh, right, someone who chooses to live in LA complaining about traffic and crowds. Can’t ya just feel the pity. :)

Also, E3 attendees make it smoggy here, and make all the people shallow and fake.

And look what they’ve done to women’s breasts!

I took my wife to LA (I grew up in Irvine) and the first billboard she sees after leaving LAX is… for breast enlargement. Welcome to LA.

I live in LA, and traffic was NO Worse than it was every other day of the year. Stop bitching, or move out of the LA area, your choice. ;)

Well then, next year you’ll learn to:

a). fuck work
b). give me a call and promise to walk around as the official FiringSquad booth babe/promo event photographer

so you can

c). walk around taking pictures of booth babes for an hour a day, go to bigger events every few hours, and enjoy E3 with a press pass


I blame the Laker’s game.