Ryzen custom-build advice needed

Get this, though, the PNY 4070 S card is actually $25 less than the ASUS overclocked 4070. Just the ASUS brand name cachet or what?

Higher original MSRP and they haven’t sold out or changed their pricing yet, I assume.

Good point.

I had a couple of them, and they were pretty nicely built and solid. Whether they were a great buy or not really depends on when you bought and what you bought, so probably the same today.

Likely much more nicely built than my non-cable-managed Frankenstein’s monsters over the years. Never look behind my entertainment/TV stand–who knows what may have gotten trapped in that tangled mess and died. Good thing I rarely have to go back there. :-)

Yeah, I hear you. For my TV when we had it put in by Best Buy years ago (it’s getting up there in age, but I’m too cheap to replace it because it works) we had them run the cables in the wall, but there is still a power strip for all the other crap (cable box, Apple TV box, soundbar, Ethernet hub, etc.).

That’s what I thought going from the 2080Ti to 3080 and then again to a 4090. Even with the 4090, if you turn everything up to 11, 4K isn’t great.

Of course if 4K ran at 120fps on ultra then that just means there was so much more performance budget that could have been spent on more visual bells and whistles they could have included in a super-ultra mode.

I really do appreciate the optimized settings on DF because so often a lot of the max graphics settings can be lowered for performance gain with basically no visual difference.

That’ll be ok with me if it doesn’t happen. Epic has to get Unreal Engine really pushing things or no one is going to lap Cyberpunk anytime soon. Epic showed that Matrix demo, but no one seems to be making any real games that are on that scale yet with their engine, including Epic. There’s nothing… Unreal… about it.

Right, none of the lookers have been UE since… dunno when. Cyberpunk, Avatar, Alan Wake, MSFS, Plague Tale, Jedi Survivor, Horizon ZD/FW… all in-house engines right? UE sucks now. I know Digital Foundry are all over UE5 Fortnite but I don’t see it :)

Maybe CDPR will help them knock it into shape.

From that list, Jedi Survivor is UE5.

A couple UE5 games are out using both nanite and lumen and technically they look great, speaking of texture resolution/lack of LOD and light quality.

Two major problems though; first they have tons of technical issues and run like crap, and second they weren’t great games, like Immortals of Aveum.

Jedi Survivor is supposed to be a great game but it doesn’t use lumen, don’t know if it uses nanite or not, and the PC port is garbage. Remnant 2 is a great game without tech issues, but it doesn’t use lumen either.

Actually the Talos Principle 2 uses both lumen+nanite, if you want a UE5 showcase that isn’t fortnite that might be a good spot to look. It’s only $21 (Humble deal) and well-reviewed. Can’t vouch for it as I haven’t played it myself, but from what I’ve seen it is very VRAM hungry at ultra quality even at 1440p but should play fine on an 8GB card at high.

Definitely seems like performance has been the big thing holding UE5 back. Seems like Lumen is always software Lumen rather than having hardware Lumen enabled too? Not sure why that is, if it’s just way more work to support or what.

I wish Satisfactory would go further with their UE5 support even though I know that’s a lot of rework. The things they did enable Nanite for are noticeable to me, but that makes the objects that don’t use it notably worse looking at distances too. And they are basically just leaving Lumen as a fun option meaning their lighting isn’t setup with it in mind.

I didn’t even realize that TP2 was out (not that I’ve fully finished TP1…lol).

From what I’ve seen of folks working in UE 5, it’s an engine with enormous potential, and probably long legs, but one that is still going through teething troubles and requires a lot of work to flog the best out of it. It will no doubt improve dramatically as more and more people figure it out and add to the documentation, plug-ins, and general community of help. And as or if the average GPU performance rises.

Well, folks, I pulled the trigger–should be shipping in 15 days or so, but I’m in no big hurry–went with the 4070 Ti Super from Gigabyte. Just realized that I left the default “white” version of the memory. Grrr, why is white the default so much of the time? The default case was white too. Who buys that [stuff]? Approximately $2429 with ground shipping:

NZXT H7 Flow Build

Western Digital Black SN850X 2TB

NZXT C850 850W Gold (2022) (Black)

Gigabyte GeForce RTX™ 4070 Ti SUPER Windforce OC 16G

Team T-Force Delta White DDR5 6000MHz CL38 6000 MHz (Maximum Speed) 32GB (2X16GB) More Info

AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D 8-Cores 4.2GHz


NZXT H7 Flow (Black)

Windows 11_Home

Standard Service (US)

Kraken 280 (Black)

Looks like a perfectly cromulent build!

I don’t care about the color of anything inside my case as I never look at it anyway. Also all RGB is turned off other than my keyboard, which I keep on dim white as a backlight only.

Remember to tune your fan curves when you get it, the 7800X3D should run REALLY quiet with an AIO.

Great choices! I’m sure you could contact them and swap black for white. It’s not like the dude started putting it together yet. :)

Yep, just did that. ;-)

And thanks for the advice, @stusser and also @DaveLong . Yeah, for the price, NZXT was offering better “guts” so to speak: faster RAM, bigger fans on the AIO, etc.

You’re welcome! If I hadn’t been in the mood to build it myself, I was going to go with NZXT this time or something from Micro Center. You did good!