?s about 360 as Dvd Player and BC Games

One thing I’ve noticed is older games are only 4:3. Is there a way to change this option? For example Prince of Persia on Xbox ran in widescreen mode on my xbox so it took up the whole screen, yet on the 360 it only runs runs 4:3.

Also a similar thing with watching dvds. Is there a way to enable 16:9 on the xbox? Do I need the xbox dvd remote? I do realize that the dvd needs to be 16:9

Generally speaking if a game is 4:3 on the 360 via BC then it was intended to be run in 4:3 on the original Xbox. Most TVs can stretch 480i/p 4:3 to 16:9, so that’s probably why you see a difference. If you’re a purist, leave it alone. Otherwise you can override it by setting your Video to 480p via the dashboard then firing up the game. Your TV will again take over and stretch the output.

As for DVDs, if the DVD should be 16:9 and you have the “Widescreen” setting selected in the Dashboard, it will happen automatically. Again, if you want to override it you need to open the DVD Player’s menu and select the horizontal stretch option.

Thanks. I wasn’t sure because I was using widescreen and 1080 as my settings on the xbox.