S.M.A.R.T. tools

As usual, a tool I take for granted in Linux doesn’t exist in Windows XP.
Is there such a thing as a simple SMART harddisk info tool? I know the BIOS
keeps it on, so it’s doing its thing, but none of the tools I’ve found with
a typical websearch gave me as much as smartctl does.

Worst of the lot was DiskSitter; it lied. It blatantly LIED about how many
errors there were on my drives. And it didn’t show the amount I know my
last broken drive has. So, does anything free and trustworthy to just show
age of drive, number of errors, last five entries of SMART log etc. exist?

HDTune will show you the raw SMART table values of the drive, if that’s good enough. I don’t think it’ll show self-test results or let you start them, though.

Cheers! It tells me all I need to know :)