S.O.S. We need patch mirrors!

WoW’s latest patch weighs 492 friggin megabytes. Bittorrent is out of question and I’ll have to get it twice. Once for american servers, and one for the european.

So, if you see a mirror, list it here.

EDIT: Found mirror. The european patch is 700Mb, hooray!

I downloaded it over the past week using the Background Downloader. I assume once the servers come back online it will apply the patch immediately. It was 489MB’s over 3 files (US/Aus version).

I will have this up shortly

Yea I figured a lot of people would of done this already too. I know I pulled down at least 2 of the 3 files over the past week or so.

Was I supposed to have initiated that download in some way? The pre-loader screen would always say something like “download will begin after you exit the game” or something like that, but I never noticed anything on my toolbar while not playing WoW. Was it downloading quietly in the background or do you have to manually activate it?

I forget what the default settings were… it might of quietly downloaded it while you were playing…
the options were something like:
Download while playing only.
Start Download while playing, and continue after.
Download only after session ends.


Ok, the US version is up with instructions. I’ll do the rest in a bit

McMaster rules the day once again.

One thing i don’t get is the Mac vs. PC thing.

When downloading patches on the Mac i seem to get “full” speed downloads direct from Blizzard at around 8000/kbps; when downloading on a PC i seem to get the “torrent” client and download at around 500/kbps.

Their bit torrent client STILL sucks nuts. 7 million subs and they cant do a better job, let alone host the fucking patches? Grr.

I will say that at least the background downloader has better/working options now. I have been letting it DL at its glacial pace over the past few weeks or so and I have everything minus any new .mpq they released today.

A lot of ISPs block torrents by default. Or throttle them.

I hate the fucking torrent downloader. Not because it’s a shitty delivery system when I only get 5-10 kb from Blizzard directly, but because they won’t let me set ul/dl speed caps for the downloader. I can’t run it in the background when I’m doing other stuff because it’s hogging all the upload bandwidth. Since I’m on an ADSL line, my ul speed is significantly slower than my dl speeds, which makes this a real pain.

You can find another program to explicitly limit the amount of bandwidth your applications get. I think you’ll find that once you cap the client’s upload, your downloads will be fine.

If you can’t just leech it from McMaster, anyway. Thanks, Jason!

I know, I’m just so fucking annoyed that the WoW downloader gimps me like this, and gimps itself in the process.

This is a fun patch. What talents will each class end up with this afternoon? It’s a mystery!

Use this to extract the torrent from the shitty downloader and use it in a proper client!

And the fact that that specific deficiency, as well as a host of others, have been pointed out to Blizzard for over two years now and still have yet to be addressed.

I have never had their download work once. It has never pulled down more than 256k and then stalled.

Thank god for all the mirror sites!


Thanks, I’m keeping that one.

If you have trouble with the downloader, be sure to open the ports on your router/firewall to allow it to work correctly.

It’s ok on my machine to go that route so I’m saving Jason some bandwidth costs this time.