S.t.a.l.k.e.r. d.e.l.a.y.e.d. a.g.a.i.n

Booted to 2006 or beyond

I knew after the horrible E3 demo I saw on Xplay that it was not going to make itr this year.

Who still cares about this game?

I like it because it looks pretty.

Its looking less and less pretty as time goes on.

I’m waiting for a single player demo. I think it could be a really what I wanted ID to do with Doom 3.

I care because I like the story and because I don’t want to know what the acronym stands for (hint: it doesn’t stand for anything).

This was shown on X-Play in the E3 preview episode. Yes, graphics are on par with Doom 3, but the framerate was horrendous. 1+ years later. Probably the delays are all about them waiting for hardware to catch up to their code optimization abilites.

I’d say it has more with them probably not being able to make their open world with the freely moving AI opponents and such actually work.

Boiling Point gave a glimpse of how this game could possibly play.

I want it.

No American developer will be able to make something on this scale due to the cost and the the high probability that it won’t break even. I don’t care how long it takes, just as long as it doesn’t get canned. THQ seems to be sticking it out so I’m crossing my fingers.

I’m becoming less and less convinced that these guys can pull this off. My guess? THQ will force it out at some point and it will be unfinished.

I first saw this game in 2002 when Russobit-M had picked it up for Russia. It looked amazing then. Hopefully, it will turn out alright but I’m skeptical. Last November they delayed it to May, and now 2006. By the time it is released, a lot of the “wow” factor will be reduced.

The path from tech demo to actual playable game is often a difficult one.

Heh. My thoughts exactly.