S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Nearing Meltdown?

Things going from bad to worse it seems. There’s a short post over at GGurumania revealing through some unnamed sources saying that THQ is getting fed up with the BS going on with it’s development.

It goes on further to say that there have been layoffs (or whatever passes for a layoff in the Ukraine) while parts of the original team has been taken off the project. Another rumor states that someone from THQ will be babysitting the rest of the STALKER team for the amount of time it takes to wrap the thing up.

I’ve actually been expecting a “STALKER cancelled” news post for awhile now though with the money THQ has sunk into this mess and the amount of assets available might make it feasible to make a passable single player game (albeit something far more linear). Given some of what’s stated in the post I’m wondering if maybe the gameplay just never came together to make it an interesting game. I was always vague on exactly what the end game was supposed to be

But it looked so sweet :(

I thought I read a that they’d given the publisher a release candidate a few weeks ago. It was reported that the game was content complete, but that doesn’t really indicate what sort of general state it was in.

I’ve pretty much written it off. It went from being one of the most promising games in development to becoming Duke Stalker Forever. =/

I remember reading in pc gamer that they were doing alright (I think last month or the one before). So how long has it been development for? I was also looking forward to it.

It was announced in late 2001, I believe. I picked up the leaked alpha a couple of years ago. The engine really was next-gen for 2002, looked fantastic. It held up fairly well against half-life 2, both engines rely on super high-res realistic textures.

Yeah, it did. I drooled over it for quite a bit.

Wonder what it looks like now, though…

The latest trailer released for the game still holds up well against other modern games. But they better hurry the hell up and release it, if they keep updating the engine over and over to meet modern standards they’ll just take two steps back for every step forward.

Looks lik THQ got suckered in with the pretty pictures and thought some totally unkown group in the Ukraine could make a complete game.

Looks like the story was bullshit.

There is a huge gulf between a tech demo and a finished game.

No, it just looks like GCS says the story was bullshit. Who knows what THQ is actually doing?

All we know is that GSC claims to still be working on the game… that doesn’t mean THQ didn’t hand development off, it just means GSC isn’t admitting it or giving up. We’ve seen developer / publisher brouhahas (OH SUPEREM COMMANDAR HELP US!!!) that make that resoundingly clear…

Yeah, it’s a good thing Ubisoft never bought into the bullshit of those unknown Crytek guys. Or Gathering of Developers on those wacky Croatian guys making Serious Sam. Those idiots from [insert foreign country here] could never make a complete game!

Got an email from GSC this morning. Says they’ve only let go 5 of 40 team members, because their work on the project was pretty much done. No leads, programmers or testers have been removed. Also, GSC says the game is currently in beta approval stage and is being “actively developed in close cooperation with the publisher.”

As for the rumors of dismissed employees taking IP with them – the IP is owned by the dev house, not any individual employee.

However, they didn’t address the rumor that a THQ rep would be put on site to oversee the rest of development.

Ya but it was just a single big level ;) Not really much of a game hehe more like a tech demo

I agree. Obviously Americans are the only ones who can finish games, such as Team Fortress 2, Prey, Duke Nukem Forever, etc. and with the polish of such titles as Bloodlines, Daikatana, etc.

I really hope they’ve switched the engines 3 times, because they had at least that many chances to do it. By the time this game comes out, it’ll be running on an obsolete engine sadly… but if the AI is truly good I may just be okay with that.

Good news! STALKER’s going to be out next month!

Just kidding. It’s been delayed again, until 2007:


Another year’s worth of work doesn’t sound too clever if they really did submit a release candidate recently.

Crap supreme commander too. Man that was one of those games I was looking forward to.

Anyone remember X-COM: Alliance? FPS squad based game in the X-COM universe. Looked great: they had tons of screenshots, gameplay quips, interesting AI, squad movements, a teaser/trailer video, everything. It got scrapped and the art assets and some models became the abysmal X-COM: Enforcer, the nail in the coffin for the X-COM license.

I wonder if STALKER is cancelled, if something similar will happen. You can’t waste that amount of money with no salvagable product. Even the art and modelling could at least be used somewhere.