Some new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. videos for your viewing pleasure :

Monsters - 41.4 megs

Monsters - 10.1 megs

Combat AI - 31.6 megs

Combat AI - 7.77 megs

:D Yay, probably the only FPS I’m really looking forward to this year. What I’d really like to see is video or examples of NPC interaction. I’ve seen lots of combat and how sexy the graphics are.

Is that the Chernoble one?

Yes it is, and it’s going to be awsome. Really.

My only quibble with what I’ve seen so far is the weapon models- they don’t seem to have a lot of mass or kick based on the videos I’ve seen.

Looks fantastic to me. Next to Doom III this is my most anticipated FPS. Though I was totally disappointed to read that co-op wasn’t going to be making it. :(

The weapon effects in general seem pretty weak (including as you say the recoil/kick)… otherwise looks to be good, an open-ended game should be very interesting if it all works.

— Alan

It’s a ‘real life’ first person Fallout game. I just hope the NPCs aren’t Morrowinded and actually have some ‘life’ to them. I look forward to walking around the Zone… or driving.

Yeah, that’s the thing - if it works. I really hope they take the time to polish the hell out of it. If it all comes together I think it has the potential to be something special.

So what’s going down with this game’s multiplayer? Last I heard was none at release. Will it be playable as co-op should the multiplayer come out?

Easily one of my most anticipated games.

There will be no Co-Op, which blows completley. There was a massive thread about it on the official forums pretty much pleading for it. I find that dissapointing because the game doesn’t really sound like a DM/CTF style game to me.

Never ever? That’s a terrible waste of potential. Co-op could have really made this game stand out in the multiplayer arena given how the game works. Just doing DM/CTF will make it an awkward “me too” multiplayer experience.

Didn’t you read the other thread here? There’s no co-op because nobody wants co-op anymore. All those threads are obviously just part of a vast co-op conspiracy, so you can ignore them and deathmatch, deathmatch, DEATHMATCH!

Fuck co-op, I want a solid single player game. It’s surprising they’re bothering with any multiplayer whatsoever. I’m just hoping it’s as freeform as they’ve been portraying it in the promo videos.

About the only reason I don’t mind abut the Co-Op is because of the Single Player . It would have been nice to have a Freelancer style server set up, especially with a random mission generator that moves beyond “go here kill this”. Hopefully they’ll patch it later on if enough people ask for it.

Shooters seem to be going in all directions these days when it comes to single vs. multiplayer, with some opting to focus on multiplayer (whether against human or AI opponents; eg. UT2004, the Battlefield games), including barebones DM-style play without bots (Painkiller), skipping multiplay entirely (Max Payne 2), offering a smattering of everything (Far Cry, less the bots) or trying something a bit different (Splinter Cell: PT’s four player spies vs. mercs).

Stalker seems like it wouldn’t be a good fit for basic deathmatch-style play, so I’m not sure why they’d invest time and resources in it. I guess it’s another bullet point they can put on the box.

Its going to have a CS-style tactical MP gametype along with “more traditional gameplay types” (ie, CTF, DM). GSC is reportedly sponsoring a pro-level CS team who also happen to be working with them on the MP.

Because that’s what the world really needs- another CS gameplay clone. Especially one made by a pro-level team, because creativity is a major factor with these people.

:shock: That’s a really stupid idea. CS style gameplay? Who are the teams? Mutants versus Stalkers? Capture the Anomoly? Rescue the deranged Scientist? . Dear god no. Devs - stop trying to be Counter Strike. It was a good idea a few year ago. Now it’s just retarded.

One thing I do like about S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is the dynamic nature of the environment and the missions. Correct me if I am wrong but this is a first for an FPS.

And exploring Chernobyl and the reactor is totally cool ! :D