SA has video game mixup Photoshops

Some are amusing.

My personal favorite: Mortal Zork.


This summer Duke Nukem is gonna chew bubblegum and make you his bitch… and he’s all out of bitches!

I want to see someone make Super Smash TV Melee a reality.

The Sam & Max Payne one is pretty good.

Grand Theft Autobot would rock a few geek heads :D

Hey! No fair. Jakub picked my two favourites.

Vice City Ransom. Someone needs to make it. Now.

That, and Animal Crossing: Destroy All Monsters Melee. :D

Heh, Mortal Zork.

Oh, and a Total War: Star Wars would completely rock.

[size=1]Is my post focus index lowering yet?[/size]

Has there every been a decent Transformers-based game?

It’s always struck me as a rich world in which to build a game. I was terribly disappointed by the Robotech game earlier this year, though – no vision to it. :(


Uh, yeah, ha ha.

Personally, I thought they were much funnier when Sparky was doing them for CGM’s April issue.

 -Tom, curmudgeon

There’s more to making a good Transformers game than meets the eye.

Nothing beats a good game of Sid Meir’s Counterstrike III :)

I’m still amazed that nobody’s thought to make an updated version of Space Taxi, what with the success of Crazy Taxi (see final page). That was a damned brilliant game. It’s begging for a modern edition.


I wanna play Chessmaster 1942: The Bloodiest Chess Program in the World.

Ok this isn’t a video game mixup, but somebody should really be working on Cthulhu Karts as we speak, one of the most brilliant ideas ever dreamed up by the people at Computer Games Magazine

Oh, I would love to actually make Cthulhu Karts, but the Cthulhu property is all tied up with Arkham House, Chaosium, etc.

Fuck not with the lawyers of the Elder Gods.

That’s sad… having the Cthulhu Mythos tied up is just wrong, considering that it’s only lived on this long because of the contributions of many different authors. :(

Well, it will be in 2017… Or did they change that law?