Sacred 2 Coming to 360

Well this is cool news. I was just talking about how I’d like to see some of the pcs action rpgs make their way to the 360 and here we go.

closes eyes and wishes to see Diablo 3 on 360 …It was worth a shot.

Nice. I’m sure d3 if its non mmo will appear on ps3/360.

If Ascaron is putting out a console game they better make damn sure it’s bug free.

Yeah. I thought Sacred turned into a pretty good game but boy was it a mess at release.

Yeah. I thought Sacred turned into a pretty good game but boy was it a mess at release.

Heh, keep in mind that the English one already had some major bug fixes incorporated. The German one truly was a beta test.


That’s a scary thought, Julian!

Anyway, when is the PC release for 2?

The only way Sacred will translate is through a thorough dumbing down compromise of the controls and a fucking up of the interface. Oh well …

Why do you say that? I personally think this style of game would work great with a console controller. Unless I’m forgetting something these games are mostly just mouse clickfests.

Let’s see … here are the sacred controls other than Left & Right mouse clicking:

                TAB, Middle mouse button - Minimap
              Numpad + or -, Mouse wheel - Zoom
                                     ESC - Close window, open Game menu
                                       A - Autocollect items (SP only)
                                       I - Inventory
                                       F - Combat art screen
                                       C - Combo screen
                                       L - Logbook
                                       M - World map
                                       O - Options
                                       S - Save / load menu
                                      F8 - Quickload
                                      F9 - Quicksave
                                       P - Pause (SP only)
                                       H - Help
                                   Space - Drink healing potion
                                       Q - Drink Undead Death potion
                                       W - Drink Mentor potion
                                       E - Drink Antidote
                                       R - Drink Concentration potion
                                       1 - Select weapon 1
                                       2 - Select weapon 2
                                       3 - Select weapon 3
                                       4 - Select weapon 4
                                       5 - Select weapon 5
                                       6 - Select spell 1
                                       7 - Select spell 2
                                       8 - Select spell 3
                                       9 - Select spell 4
                                       0 - Select spell 5
                                   Enter - Chat window

We have already seen Oblivion’s version of ‘adequate PC controls and interface’ (which meant that the controls weren’t adequate and the interface didn’t work well on the PC), so why should we expect better?

Perhaps we should just hope that Ascaron build for PC and cuts off stuff that impossible given the limited X360 controller.

Action-RPGs tend to have very different interfaces based on whether they’re meant to be played with a gamepad or mouse & keyboard. When you try to split the difference or merge the two, you end up with a messed-up interface: e.g., Revenant, which I actually enjoyed more than Diablo, but it’s like combat was meant to be fought with a gamepad while the rest of the interface was optimized for a mouse; it was cumbersome, to say the least.

As a general rule, I prefer button-mashing console action RPGs to the super-click-fest PC ones, so I might actually prefer the X360 version - depending on how well the interface works, of course.

Right, that is the concern - that attempting to put it on a console to get a bigger audience will basically mean fucking it up, ala Deus Ex Invisible War (or Revenant as you mention).

well, this is welcome news. Sacred 2 fell off my radar for a bit. Definitly picking it up for the 360 when released.

I’d suggest they just ignore the pc version or dont bother with one.

That would be utterly foolish seeing how the first one sold somewhere around 1.5 to 2 million copies on the PC.

I assumed he was being a troll and/or trying to incite a PC vs. Console flame war ;)

Bit of trolling, but honest, since I wont buy a pc version, so I dont care if it exists (or how much they make off of it, or if it’d be a bad move on their part)

Well, as long as you wouldn’t care, that should definitely be enough.

Now back to the real thread. I assume that the millions sold were worldwide. Did it make much of a splash in the U.S?

I’m too lazy to dig up more than one source. But according to that one, the numbers are worldwide. I would guess that a good amount of the game’s sales were in Europe, but it seemed fairly popular here in the states too. But that’s totally anecdotal, of course.

What would really make the sequel work for me would be to add the kind of crunchy physics that Titan Quest has. Honestly, the first game did very little for me, despite my love of the genre. It didn’t FEEL like I was hitting anything. I mean I saw the animations and such. I knew I had killed things, but it was very bland somehow. It’s hard to explain. I also didn’t like the way you gained new skills.

It was just my suggestion, I apologise for not basing it on your opinions, :p