Sacred Games (book & Netflix)

@scottagibson turned me on to the book, which I finished reading last week, and the Netflix show, of which I finished Season 1 this week. Both are excellent and worth checking out.

If you watch the Netflix show, turn the audio to Hindi and turn on the subtitles.

Here’s the trailer

Has anybody else read the book or watched the show?

They’re on my list for the same reason. Once I finish the Baroque Cycle they’re gonna get slotted in I think.

Awesome! You’re only 3500 pages of reading away!

My yearly number of books read is taking a beating. The last 4 books have all been 800+ pages.

The next few on the queue are no better. I might have to sneak a Pratchett in there just to add to the tally ;)

Aawwww, I thought this thread would be about the series of Sacred games and the book and movie they’re making based upon them. Now I’m sad that that’s not actually happening.

I second @Clay’s endorsement of the book and the Netflix show.