Sacred Gold

The most fun I’ve had in a game in a long time. I just wish it’d stop crashing my computer everytime I try to save my game.

Wait a few days. Final patch coming Thursday.

Now that Sacred Gold is available on both Steam and Gametap, I’m wondering if there are any interesting mods or fan patches or the like for Sacred which would justify purchasing it from Steam when one already has GT. Heck, just support for widescreen resolutions would be worth 10 bucks to me.

One of my favorite ARPG’s.

GISing “sacred” brings up some freaky results. That being said, is this better than Titan Quest?

I consider Sacred Gold a solid third behind Diablo 2 and Titan Quest. It lacks polish, has too many numbers (and a UI that doesn’t mind hitting you over the head with them), but for $10, cripes. I like it.

Sacred was one of the worst games I’ve ever played for any significant amount of time.

I started playing this recently, on GameTap. Are any classes more interesting than the others? I have a Dwarf, who is basically a melee dude with some extra things like a cannon and flame thrower (really good for wiping out hordes of monsters!). Dwarves can’t use horses, so maybe it was a mistake.

There are a lot of numbers flying around, and I can’t entirely tell what is going on. There are two different kinds of skill regeneration, but I’m not sure why. I’ve taken to using the cash value of items to decide whether to slot one item or the other.

The path finding is a little bad. Quite frequently I’ll click to go someplace and the dwarf will get caught on a door frame and basically stutter back and forth until I click some place else. Going through doors or down stairs is also kind of a nightmare. Fortunately you are mostly wandering across an open (an overwhelmingly open!) landscape.

I completely agree with this. Sacred is fun but it does not have the production values of TQ. For the money though, it’s worth picking up a giving it a try.

I’m not aware of any mods for this game. That’s not to say that none exist, as I don’t usually go looking for mods, but I’ve never heard of any.

Two things Sacred did just great (imho)…

  1. Open world. You could go almost anywhere anytime.
  2. Scaled monster leveling done right (cough cough oblivion).

Sacred is definitely my favorite Diablo-Clone, somewhere just ahead of Divine Divinity (bad name, fun game). DivDiv was a better RPG, but Sacred it much more fun for replaying and trying different character builds.

Yet I could never get into TQ, and D2 is only fun until the end of the first act, then I get tired of it. I can easily start up a new char in D2 and play a few hours, and it’s darn fun, but once I hit the desert I lose all interest. Only ever made it to act 3 one time, and quit playing that char after 15 minutes of jungle. Not bad, necessarily, but a boring grind to me. Yet I even when I get bored of a character, I can immediately start over with a new one and play a few more hours, and then… apathy.

Not that I’m saying Sacred is perfect. There are any number of things about it that get on my nerves. Money’s virtually useless if you haven’t taken and maxed out the trading skill, or exploit the “Bravemart” merchants – which is incredibly tedious. The inventory system is broken by the upgrade slots: no matter how nice something is, if it doesn’t have several ring/amulet slots, it’s almost never worth using. Etc.

But it’s the one action-RPG I keep installed for when all I want to do is slaughter hordes of monsters.

Like most ARPGs, ranged classes have the advantage of shoot-run-shoot. This makes the wood elf probably the most over-powered class. Especially since there is no shortage of critters like archers and mages who refuse to hold still so you can beat them down in melee, making melee-only builds frustrating in some areas of the game. Dwarves, wood elves, and seraphim are the most fun builds in my opinion.

Horses are overrated. Only a few abilities work with them, although some weapons for wood elves and battlemages are more powerful on horseback.

Accurate explaination of regen requires hunting down the player guides on Ascaron’s forums. The short explaination is regen is the product of skill, ability, and equipment. Spell abilities, for example, are (class magic skill) * (magic regen stat + some other skill) * (equipment regen). Increasing one doesn’t do much good, but increasing all three will dramatically reduce regen times. Each class has a slightly different combination of skills that effect this, and different skills for magic vs. combat abilities. Hence the need to either read a player guide, or to experiment with lots of char builds and different equipment types.

I can’t decide whether it’s too complex for its own good, or if it’s just that there is no simple feedback in the game to indicate how things work together. You can, for example, find a weapon with crappy looking numbers, but if you equip it, it turns out to be far superior to the one you were using. And the only way to tell this is to equip items and see what happens to all those numbers on the char sheet.

Oh and by the way, Sacred II is scheduled for release sometime in September.

Nah, it got pushed back to November for all versions, supposedly because they added a PS3 version to the PC and 360 versions announced a while ago.

I think it’s closer than that. It could probably use the extra time in the oven though, from my brief experience with it a while back.

It’s kind of kludgy and unpolished, but the more I play it (in coop with a friend, naturally) the more I like some aspects of it. All of the classes seem to have some nifty abilities and quirks - I’m particularly fond of the Daemon’s Tentacles aura, which may or may not actually accomplish much(I can’t tell), but causes enemies you slay to explode (in bloody chunks) as black tentacles emerge from them and attack surrounding enemies. Which is just awesome. Especially once I buff up my melee, get a couple of Hell Spheres and Blazing Discs contributing support fire, and go to town. Exploding corpses and tentacles everywhere, aw yeah.

Sacred: Kid Tested, Mom Approved?

I’m excited about the second game solely because it’s going to feature music from Blind Guardian. Then again, I nearly watched the Dungeon Siege movie for that very reason. Then someone told me that the songs were either entirely not present in the film, or relegated to the credits. Saved me $9.