Sacred Underworld announced

Ascaron is proud to anounce Sacred: Underworld scheduled for release Q1 2005.

Underworld is the first retail expansion pack which will not only offer 2 new characters (Dwarf and Succubus) but also continue the storyline where Sacred left the player.

Ancaria, the world in which Sacred is set in, will also see expansion as it will be increased at least 40% in size and adding new foes, new NPCs, weapons, quests and many more additional features making this expansion pack a must for any Sacred Fan!

I’m still playing and enjoying it. The beta patches have really tightened it up and Sacred Plus is a free addition available in October. Underworld will cost some $.

I’ll wait for the eventual Sacred Gold/Platinum/Complete.

I’m still playing Sacred. It’s a great Diablo-type game.

Which is better, Sacred or Beyond Divinity? (Of course, the latter isn’t even published in the US)

The latter is actually available in the US as of three months ago.

Beyond Divinity is a steaming pile of moose diarrhea.

I haven’t played Sacred.