Sacrifice and Windows XP

Does anyone have this problem in sacrifice where the game pauses every 10 seconds or so? its really annoying and i can’t find anything on google about it. my only hope was the faq on what was, but everything related to that was taken down. I am running well above the requirements, but it just doesn’t seem to work.

ok, so i tried disabling my scsi controller i.e. my CD-ROM, and my sound card and i still get this crazy pausing. i also discovered the problems are also present in Giants: Citizen Kabuto and Operation Flashpoint, but not in IL2 sturmovik, serious sam, no one lives forever 2 demo, ut2k3 demo, or neverwinter nights. i am almost positive its a Graphics card problem. i am using the radeon 9700. if anyone has some help, let me know!

I don’t have that specific problem, but you should really take your question to the 9700 forum over here, where most of the rest of us Radeon 9700 beta testers have been taking our game related problems: