Sad Panda: Gothic 2 Gold won't install


  1. Insert Disc One
  2. Proceed through Install process

This beautifully message appears within 1 second of file transfer and kills the install dead:

I bought the game a couple years ago and haven’t got around to playing it until now. I’m kinda bummed out since it’s apparently awesome sauce.

Do you have some kind of antivirus running that might be interfering? If so, try disabling it temporarily while installing.

Try copying the cd to a temp folder on your hard disk and see if it installs from there.

Doesn’t work.

“Fucking thing sucks!”

Get it some ‘different’ way?

It refers to a file on F drive. Is that your CD/DVD drive? If so, my guess is the disk is bad. Try disk repair, or something similar and see if that helps.

Lo Google, puta!

Hey! I have the same problem and I was wondering if you managed to solve it. I didn’t find much anything via Google, so yea.

Thanks in advance :D

Maybe try and run the setup program in a compatibility mode? Might have to make a shortcut to the real setup.exe. Probably won’t work, but I can’t think of anything else to try.

You mean safe mode (or something else :o)? Hmm, I guess it’s worth a try.

By the way: I noticed that it starts the installation normally, first copying the Uninstall thingie and gets stuck immediately upon reaching the Gothic2.exe. I dunno, maybe it helps somehow.