Saddam wanted peace

If this is true, the Bush Administration needs to be held accountable for the men and women who died unnecessarily in the war.

Just curious, do you also believe santa is going to bring you gifts this christmas?

On the remote chance that this is true, it’s akin to a murderer becoming a born-again Christian just before he takes the long walk to the electric chair.

somebody woke up on one too many christmases to find their stockings empty.

And stained and smelling of cheap bourbon? Cookie plate lying smashed and broken against the base of the wall?

Hitler wanted peace too!


So does the USA.


Imad Hage, who told U.S. officials of proposals to let Washington scour Iraq (news - web sites) for weapons of mass destruction and hand over an al Qaeda figure, said the Iraqis were rattled by the threat of war and apparently chose him for his Pentagon (news - web sites) contacts.

Yes, they chose a Lebaneese business man instead of going to the UN. Good Thinking.

Also agreed to give up an AlQaeda ? Sounds like proof there was a connection between Saddam and Osama, it’s probably the reason the left is completely ignoring this story.

Nah, it’s 'cause the whole thing smells ridiculous.