Safty tip! 101

Dont have a 3 some, well 2 in a span of 2 weeks, with your wife and her best friend, (wife is 43 best friend 26).

It does not turn out well. Now may have lost the wife and I did loose the friend. Can I go back 3 weeks and stop this?

If this happened with a stranger or someone we both did not know and was close to I think it would of been fine, but boy when you both know them and care it goes bad and fast :(

Better luck next time.

Just the tip?

lol did not think of the tip part

But since you’ve lost them, that means others can have a threesome with your wife and her best friend now?

I hope you were having saf sex at least.

Yea :)

I will say, that tip was pretty safty.


lol its was 4 am and im tired


A threesome (twice) AND it gets the wife out of the house? Win win.

Ok you got me-what happened?

I want to make a joke, but then I think, this could (should) have been me 10 years ago.

On whom did you loose the friend?

I think someone paid too much attention to the 26 year old…

I think with a better grasp on grammar, spelling, and punctuation you may have saved your marriage. I recommend a good lawyer and Hooked On Phonics.

NO!!! Really, that didn’t turn out well? Do you have any experience whatsoever with human relationships? I can’t think of a scenario more primed for failure. Good lord.

Nope wasn’t the problem, it was that the girl and I after 3 had become friends, nothing more but as time went on it started to really bug my wife. So now I lost the 26 year old as a friend and that sucks.

I’m having a hard time following this particular Penthouse Forum letter. So the 26-year old was best friends with your wife, but you and the 26-year old weren’t friends until you shagged her in a threesome with your wife?

Are you guys normally swingers? Have you done this before with no fallout? I’m trying to figure out how you thought stuff was going to play out.

I actually have friends at work and had a couple from school that are female and in there 20’s. It is a minefield when you and your wife are in your late 30’s, early 40’s. Even without a threesome. My wife knows it is a fantasy for me, but my guess is she wants to keep it that way. Although, she has joked that if she could pick the girl…