Saint's Row 2

Must be graphics card related.

Out of the box, SR2 was UNPLAYABLE for me - the framerate was just too horrible. With the first patch, I didn’t have serious problems.
There was SLIGHT stuttering occasionally, and of course the graphics didn’t look all that good, but otherwise - no issues for me.

I’m still waiting for the assembly line of mods they announced to roll out for SR3, though… (Yeah, I’m aware of the actual announcements and the fact that the loads of mods ain’t coming.)


Awe yiss 8 year bump.

Volition just confirmed that they have found the Saints Row 2 PC source-code, and will be fixing the game on Steam, making it run through Steamworks instead of Gamespy, and will receive the previously exclusive DLC!

Hah, you beat me to posting that by like 10 seconds.

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No, I kept in the other folder, not the one labeled, “Stuff,” that’s my porn. Also not in the, “lolcats,” directory. I think it was in … oh yeah it was in the SR2GOATLOL folder, and it was on … my old Gateway PC running Vista.

I started the SR franchise with 3 and also played 4. Will it be worth going back and playing 2?

I love the humor in those games.

I suspect that you’re not alone. I think many folks started with 3 and 4, since 2 was infamously broken on PC and the original was console exclusive.

Saints Row 2 is great, but the tone is all over the place. They were still trying to find their place in the genre, so you won’t find the wacky meta stuff you’d see in later installments, but they did try to hit more cartoonish antics than GTA. It’s going to be really interesting to see people’s reactions to 2 working backwards.

I tried to play SR2, even when fixed with Gentlement mod, but is is so fucking ugly - literally fugly - I couldn’t get into it. Everything in its artstyle/lightning/everything is just disgust personified.
SR3 was lightyears ahead in that department (finished that and SR4).

Maybe they will remaster it somewhat while they are at it.

I played 2 on the Xbox 360, and to me it was a blast. It’s aged though, and some of the fun and mayhem from the newer releases isn’t there simply because gameplay has expanded over the series. The graphics, compared to now, were not fantastic.

I agree with @Telefrog, they were trying to find their place compared to GTA, still, and though zany and more juvenile, it wasn’t as crazy as the newer installments.

The city has like 2000% more personality, though, and the main plot is much more coherent than, say, 3. And it has the widest and overall best selection of side activities. Plus bonkers shit like dozens of hand-placed nodes all over the city that your character will gravitate to and do a custom idle animation at if left unattended. Each one distinct.

It’s interesting reading this thread now, given this recent news. It doesn’t sound like people had too many problems with the PC version at Qt3 at least.

Oh, it was absolute shite.

It was unplayable at launch. If I recall correctly, you couldn’t really drive. Which was kind of important.

Got pegged as a bad port and there was a patch within a reasonable amount of time. Certainly shouldn’t have launched in the state it was in, though.

I’ve played it through three times, I think.

It was patched a bit but still had serious issues. Modding helped more but was not a complete fix. Fingers crossed this will be the silver bullet.

Put me down as never having problems with the PC version either. Maybe I just got lucky.

It’s still my favorite in the series, I think. Not as balls to the wall crazy as SR3 or SR4, but very well executed. I agree with @malkav11 about the city and plot being better too.

SR2 (on the consoles) was what I consider the last “complete” SR. It worked as a full game, even if the tonality was all over the map. SR3 (and particularly SR4) felt like mega DLCs.

I’m pretty sure SR4 was intended to be DLC for SR3, but they made it a complete game due to money woes.

I played SR2 primarily on the PS3 and loved every moment of it. SR3 felt fairly lame by comparison.

I don’t know about that, but it’s 100% true of Gat Out of Hell.