Saints Row 3

Why did the game need a remaster anyway? So it can have all the latest pretties from fancy RTX cards at 4k resolutions?

Except for the PC Master Race

Nice! SR3 was on my “replay” list.

I definitely keep meaning to get further in Saints Row 3, but I have a tough time getting into it since I played and finish Saints Row 4 first, and I just love the fourth game so much. It will help to have part 3 look prettier next time I try to get into it.

SR3 was pretty fun, but this remaster is overpriced and EGS only.
Kinda funny that Tim pays for exclusivity of 9 year old game.

Digital Foundry is impressed.

Nice, looks like the one time where the ‘Remastered’ is true, and not just ‘slap a new paint on it and let the UI scale to 1080’.

This the one that is exclusive to EGS?

Not sure how I feel about making the hair, skins tones and faces more photo-realistic. I appreciate the work that went into it all, but I kind of associated Saints Row 3 & 4 with a more stylized aesthetic compared to Rockstar’s GTA 4 & 5.

So initially it feels like it’s taking away some of the charm or character of the game to me. I might change my mind after some time with the new and updated visuals though.

Watching the full DF video I think they felt like it still stayed true to the stylized look, but obviously if you’re looking at it and don’t like it for yourself, that’s fair.

Does this remaster come with all the bazillion DLCs, or is the EGS exclusivity for one year a trap to lock people in for that stuff?

I believe it comes with it all.

Thanks. These $10 coupons are valid for a while longer. I might hold onto mine to see if the game has a price drop before then.

I’m perfectly happy with the look of the original.

Yeah, it’s not too bad. I played a bit today and on the PC at least, it runs like a dream most of the time, at high framerates, and supports 1440p just fine.

Question: how do you shake cops? Is there the equivalent of the Pay’n’Spray in the Saints Row universe?

I cant remember, I used to “farm” them in a doorway in the first safehouse so I could get the tank etc vehicles, then just run out, steal it and park it in the garage.

Perhaps start a mission?

Hide in something you’ve bought/own iirc.

Run really hard, jink then hide.

Yeah. This is so much fun.

I really like the resolution and texture improvements. The FX updates are great too.

I hate what they’ve done to the character’s faces.

Playing on Xbox One X. It’s a really nice remaster, though I remember it being much funnier than I’m finding it now. Also the HDR is a bit weird - it’s super dark at night on the default settings. I had to bump the master brightness up to 100% to make it playable.