Saints Row IV Teaser Trailer

August 20th?

More details here:

The head of the Saints has been elected President of the United States, leading the charge against an alien force in a struggle to save humanity. Players will “wield gargantuan superpowers” and have an “arsenal of alien weaponry and technology” at their disposal, as well as the ability to leap buildings, outrun enemies and use telekinesis.

Can’t say I’m not a little wary. Only 5 months until release after all the financial…unpleasantness at THQ? Well, I’m hopeful.

Keep in mind that this is the title that started as an expansion to SR3, but THQ decided to have Volition make it a full game before everything imploded.

Oh hell yeah.

Looks like fun. Guess I need to finish 3 now. My fault really, I played it too soon after re-playing SR2 and it didn’t quite measure up (game design, not graphics/engine).

Yeah, well, they didn’t have too many options left regarding the release date. September was blocked since GTA V got pushed back, and everything afterwards means coming too close the the next-gen kerfuffle.

So did I miss an announcement that Volition would live under whoever acquired it? Or is this just the cynical effort to cash in on whatever state this code was in before shuttering Volition and forcing all those people who were actually happy being at a game dev studio in the middle of corn fields to move to greener pastures?

(I’ll admit bias to hoping Volition lives just because it’s a game studio in friggin’ Champaign-Urbana, IL. Not exactly a huge mecca for, well, anything… so it’d be sad to see a AAA studio fold in such a place. )

Nothing to do specifically with Saints Row (or games for that matter), but I really hate the editing trend these days of only half-second clips of footage before cutting away to the next half-second clip.

@mouselock: Koch Media (Deep Silver) acquired both, Volition and the Saints Row brand. It’s still the same team working on this - probably minus the people who left after THQ filed for insolvency since they were not fond of facing the then uncertain future.

This game has been underway for a while. I have a friend who works for Volition, and he said that the turmoil with THQ didn’t put them in a worse position, it put them in even better standing than the great position they were already in. He’s always sounded really up on the stuff they’re working on.

I bet this is terrible. It just reeks of a desperate cash grab. I’ll wait for the reviews.

Unsure as to where this sentiment is coming from.

Video looks a little darker and more “gritty” than might usually be associated with franchise, but if original Volition team is on game, support this 100%.

Glad to see a talented team land more or less on its feet.

Well, it is an expansion pushed into a new game. So it will probably feel pretty similar. I’m willing to see what they’ve cooked up.

Superpowers?! I’m in. Need to click with the third game though.

Actually, they just rolled up the content into the new game. It sounds similar, but is completely different.

This one didn’t do anything for me. Enjoyed my time with 2 and the limited chance I had with 3. Have to go back to 3 at some point.

30 years of gaming experience. :)

I hope I’m wrong. I’m waiting for the reviews, though.

Watching a Saints Row trailer always feels a little odd, because it’s never “my guy” - an aging white dude with a gray ponytail with the English voice set - in it.

This obsession with aliens and alien technology just isn’t my cup of tea. What they had in the previous game was already too much for my liking. Give me mundane weapons or give me death. …or better yet, GTA V.