Saints Row - Rebooted!

Surprised no one has linked this already. The gays have already found the assless chaps option and are running amok on Twitter.

I’m really disappointed with the options they have in the creator if you don’t want to make a hideous cartoon character. A lot of it is slanted towards “fugly goober” joke mode, which to be fair is very on-brand for the Saints Row’s aesthetic. Oh well.

They’re committed enough to Weird that they had a full Zombie voice set for the Boss in SR3…

That always seemed to me like it would be funny for about 5 minutes and then really annoying for the rest of the game. (Especially considering how good the other voice sets were!)

Gold. And still over a month away. I hope this turns out as good as Saints Row 2 or 3.

I really liked Saints Row 3, but Ill give it some time in the oven to see how it really turns out.
Immortal Empires for WH3 comes out (beta) on that same day.

I watched that and felt nothing. Maybe a mild meh. Perhaps I am dead inside.

Sorta wish they would have given us a new Red Faction game instead.

Looks like fun to me!
Graphics seem to be worse than the 10 year old GTA5, but I can live with that.

Is this not on steam? I searched for Saints Row and even sorted by release date, and I can’t find it.

EGS good sir! For now…

Thanks for the info. Ill probably forget this game even exists until it comes out on Steam, although I might remember it if I get really bored. EGS still does not have user reviews, does it? It has been a long time since I have loaded up the EGS.

I kinda felt that because I don’t think they can match the cast of characters they had in 3 and 4.

I’m definitely in wait-and-see mode.

This series has never really clicked for me. I’ve tried to get into #3 several times, and there are elements I’ve really appreciated that I thought the GTA series should borrow, but overall the tone and style just isn’t my thing. I know “over-the-top” is the whole point, but I wish they weren’t SO over-the-top. I really, really like the “building your empire” aspect of buying out businesses to control an area and make more off of it, but really don’t need to run around beating people up with a giant purple dildo.

It’s a shame, because there’s a lot that I do like, and I WANT to like the game overall, but I always burn out 5-10 hours in and just…never come back.

You should give Saints Row 4 a try. I played through Saints Row 1 and 2, but I didn’t really get into it like I got into GTA games. So I skipped 3, but 4 is totally amazing. It’s SOOOOOO over the top.

For me 4 was TOO over the top, while I enjoyed 2 & 3. I think this is basically in line with 3 in terms of its trappings?

I mean it’s entirely possible that I’ll give 4 a try at some point. Like I said, there are enough elements there that I really like that I keep thinking “Maybe this time it’ll stick,” and I’m not even sure why I always just kinda…move on to something else. I mean the tone doesn’t really land completely for me – I much prefer GTA’s more “grounded,” I guess is the word, attitude. But it’s hard to say if that’s why I stop playing. That’s all I can come up with, because there are a lot of elements that I enjoy. shrug

I’ll probably give another shot before too long, either with 3 or 4 or the new one that’s about to come out. Maybe one of these days it’ll land.

There’s just SO MUCH to play these days.

I think there was a point in which I was super-hero hopping through the city, listening to an deadpan asian former newsreporter and an alien overlord reading a scene from Pride and Prejudice, laughing so hard and having so much fun that I thought “no video game can ever top this”.

Why don’t you try 1&2, then. They were much more grounded, although they’re still a bit goofy. Maybe you don’t have an Xbox, but if you do 2 is free with Gold right now and the first one goes on sale for a buck fifty not too infrequently.

I liked them, although I don’t think I finished either of them. Played pass-the-controller with a friend on a long weekend with the first one and when the time comes to signal a willingness to do some activity we still say, “I’m always down for representin the row.”

I’ll look into them.