Saitek x52 Joystick - Anyone have it?

Now that Falcon 4 Allied Force is coming (and I have yet to play all my other flight sims), I need to think about a decent joystick/throttle.

Once that’s caught my eye is Saitek’s x52

Anyone here have experience with it? If so, how would medium sized hands fare with it?

Thanks for the help!

Know a few people who’ve bought it. When it works it is supposed to be great but a lot of them have had to return at least one stick.

It looks a bit smaller than the X36 which I used to use and I found the rudder controls on the throttle a little awkward and I don’t have small hands by any stretch of the imagination.

Works fine with any medium or large hands. The base is height-adjustable.

I hear the throttle base is a bit light. The stick also has rudder twist, which was a big no-no for me personally.

I bet it won’t improve my BF2 Helicopter flying skills.


I have one and i like it alot. I think, imo, its downright huge, and i’m 6’ tall.

Theres a built in lock that you can set if you don’t want to use the twist feature.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about the stick personally. Much better than the last gen version. If a new Mechwarrior/Battletech game was coming out I’d be all over it.

Throttle being light how? In terms of weight, yeah, compared to old metal Thrustmasters, but the resistance is adjustable.

Now, the throw on the stick itself is very light and that isn’t adjustable. Also, the drivers allow you to disable rudder twist by setting the entire axis as a deadzone. There’s a pull-out tab that severely limits the ability to twist the stick as well.

Light as in weight wise. I’ve heard folks say the base is so light the whole thing comes up off the desk when they push or pull the throttle, even after lowering the tension. If you have a desk you can attach it to that isn’t a big deal, I don’t have room though.

[Edit : That’s good that you can disable stick twist, I never liked it, and much prefer pedals or a rocker like on the X45 throttle. Does the X52 have a rudder rocker, or would you have to use a trim wheel?]

How are Saitek sticks in general? I just want a decent stick that I can play Tie Fighter (and maybe Freespace 2) with. Is the Cyborg Evo any good?

Saitek is my favorite joystick company, they’re the highest quality product out there at the moment.

They aren’t the highest quality product, I’m pretty sure CH is. CH is three times more expensive though. There’s also Thrustmaster, which makes the most realistic sticks, but they have issues with pots and springs.

My X45 is fine, feels nice and solid. I’ve had a few Cyborgs over the years and never had even a hint of trouble. Never had the Evo, so I can’t personally say how good it is.

I should have said within a price/performance model.

Saitek certainly has the best price/performance, no doubt.