Saitek's really cool USB MFD for flight sims - MIA?

I’ve only found one little reference to it here (at the bottom) and it’s only in the news section (not even listed in products): Basically it’s a PnP USB Multifunction Display that will work with flight simulators and was supposed to retail for ~$100. It was in Popular Science several months ago:

Has anyone heard/seen anything more about this? It looks fantastic and I hope the MadCatz buyout of Saitek hasn’t hurt it’s production/release.

I remember reading about that on some FS forum awhile back. The general consensus was it only displays one gauge at a time, so for it to be of any use to actually reclaim monitor space for more view, you’d need a couple to display the most important info at the same time. And at about $100 each, you could take that extra $200 or $300, and just buy a bigger higher resolution monitor to get more virtual sky.

I was thinking it be best - not for freeing up monitor space since that’s a bunch of tripe - but for A/A or A/G display in sims like Lock-On Modern Combat or some of the new helo games coming up. A permanent A/G mode that you wouldn’t have to switch to on-screen would be freaking awesome.

So are you saying because of the feedback they received on FS, they may have cancelled it?

That maybe the case, but I do not know for sure. I tried to find that thread, but couldn’t locate it. But it boiled down to those severe propellar heads not seeing much use for it unless it could handle displaying more than one gauge at a time. Atleast altimeter, airspeed and possibly AOA. I tend to agree with them. If it could handle the GPS window alone, I’d be all over that, as that is the window that chews up the most screen space. It either overlaps other gauges, or overlaps the outside view.