Salt and Sanctuary or Sacrifice

Seems like more Salt and Sanctuary to me. Thanks for sharing, I had no idea this was in the works, and it looks pretty cool.

EDIT: nvm, that completely went over my head at first.

PlayStation and Epic in early 2022.

Secure that bag, James! Might be the first game I buy on the Epic store.

May 10th

Oh, I liked this game a lot but got stuck on a dragon and that was it :(

That dragon was rough! Eventually got it switched to a heavy sword of sorts and did a lot of jumping if I remember correctly. It’s strange how much I liked that weird ass game. I mean it’s kinda funny looking but still evocative and fun, even with the platforming and jumping.

I was done in by the witch of the lake, and a few terrible insta-deaths. Loved the game before then, and I’m not inherently a “souls” player, but thought this game was super fun.

I’m really looking forward to the sequel, and maybe playing it co-op with a friend so I can show off just how terribly my old man hands are.

Those are some tough ones. The Witch of the Lake definitely earns her nickname.

I played the beta for a few hours tonight.

The positives:

  • Same tight moment-to-moment gameplay
  • Multiplayer is smooth and there are a lot of different ways to join a player, including some quasi-adversarial and questionable modes that leave you guessing. It’s a nice change from Elden Ring, which has really limited multiplayer options. I co-oped with the developer and it was an absolute blast. We took down a few bosses and killed off an invader.

Some concerns:

  • Part of my brain wants to treat this like a Dark Souls game but there’s a lot of Monster Hunter here as I suspected. The levels aren’t quite as custom and interesting as the first game because they also need to double as makeshift boss arenas. The weird thing is once you chase the boss to its final destination, it turns into a regular Souls boss fight (with the boss’s max health set based on how much damage you did while you chased it). If you die, the boss’s health resets to that maximum. The only problem (at the moment!) is health potions are all based on finding craftable items, so you can’t keep throwing yourself at the boss indefinitely. I talked to the developers about this. They’re still trying to figure out the balance. Nothing is set in stone yet.
  • Speaking of balancing, it’s pretty hard and the game throws some difficult tactical situations at you pretty quickly. Enemies with shields, flying enemies, ranged attacks, large enemies that can’t be hitstun reliably. Everything is really fast and strong in general. The first boss has a rough area of effect attack that also does damage over time. It took me a while to crack it.
  • There are a few other things that people might freak out about, like losing 20% of your max health when you die until you use a consumable, the giant skill tree is back, etc.

It’s all moving in the right direction, but it’s clear this isn’t a straight sequel that’s more of the same. Players will need to be ready for that.

Oof- that part sounds like regression to me, farming health pots wasn’t fun in Bloodborne nor Demons Souls, can’t see why it would work here.

Thanks for the update! Really clicked with the first one, best 2D soulslike (if that’s what we’re calling them) for me.

If you’ve played Elden Ring and looked at build guides at all you’ll be familiar with this guy’s voice.

I finally bought this and I’m surprised how much I’m enjoying it. The final balance pass after the beta did wonders. They made it just easy enough that I feel compelled to keep playing. There’s also plenty of exploration and unlocking new areas to keep me interested. I’m playing this in parallel with Stranger of Paradise and they’re both engaging in their own way.

It still feels like a small regression from the first game, or a sequel that feels a couple years too late. But overall I’m content. I’ll need more time to decide if I’m willing to recommend it to others.

Good news from today’s patch:

Salt and Sacrifice Patch

  • Players will always replenish a minimum number of flasks and ammunition even if they don’t have the materials to craft them. The amounts are the pre-upgraded values.

This was information I was waiting to hear something on. May pick this up soon.

Very good! What does pre upgraded mean?

You can increase the number of flasks by finding upgrade items just like a typical Souls game. I think the default is 4 or 5. That’s not enough to grind through a tough boss fight, but you can always come back later.

Finished it! I ended up pretty hooked on this despite buying Stranger of Paradise at the same time. It felt like comfort food I guess. Unfortunately, NG+ was automatic and I didn’t make a backup of my save. Now I’m kind of turned off by the whole thing.


I bounced off it a little as it was maybe too soon after Elden Ring. I killed the two mages in the first area, but then it seemed the game wanted me to keep chasing and killing them, as the upgrade materials for the armour that bacame available to craft needed mage-minion materials like gel sacs. I may have misunderstood it, but that and some minor clunkiness (UI, hub area requiring lots of walking etc) made me put it on the back burner for a few months. Hopefully it’ll be a good Christmas game.

That’s fair, the beginning is a little confusing and not really compelling. FWIW, you can farm mages for consumables but I rarely felt the need to. Usually killing them once is enough to craft a couple good items, and there are always more mages later.

After you kill them once, they show up at random in the world. It leads to some amusing monster in-fighting.

Ah. I’ll have to give it another go; I got hung up on getting that armour as a result of heading straight for Light Armor II in the ‘skill tree’.