Saludos Desde Mexico


I believe DirecTV is in Mexico so you may be able to get their streaming service. It might be Mexican programming, though.

Perhaps Amazon will expand their delivery service. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

So what about water? That’s been drilled into us for years. Don’t drink the water in Mexico. Do you drink the tap water?


I can get DirecTV through Telmex, the big provider here for dish, phone and the net, but it’s Mexican satellite, and only one channel is in English. There are contractors here that will hook you up with American services, but you pay American prices.

Ruth is far more paranoid about tap water here than I am. I cook with tap water, but we also have a water cooler, and bottled water is readily available. I use water from the cooler for coffee.


Love this thread, please keep updating and maybe post some pics of interesting places around town.

If you don’t mind my asking, what is it that you do for a (semi-retired) living that you can work remotely from Mexico for a few hours each morning?


I sell advertising for a magazine publisher in Casa Grande, AZ. All I need is a laptop and a cell phone.


That’s awesome - I’ve never been to Casa Grande but I kind of wish I lived there. “Hey so where do you live?” “Big house.”


All the major unpacking is done, and the house is starting to become livable. All that’s left, really is tchotchkes for the shelves we’ve collected through the years, pictures on the walls, and getting the CD,s books, and DVD’s in the bookcase.

I mentioned we have two propane tanks - a small one (the size you use in your grill) out back for the water heater, and a much larger one on the side of the house for the stove and oven. I take the small one to be refilled myself - it lasts 10 days and costs $211P. (about $11) to fill. The larger one requires a call to the gas company and a delivery.

Neither has a gauge of any kind, and rather than wait for the larger one to run out (probably in the middle of cooking dinner) I decided to be pro-active, so I called for delivery yesterday.

For some reason, probably because a)of the large number of Norteamericanos here and b) the web site is in English, I assumed there would be an English speaker on hand to talk to. Nope. Struggling with my best high school Spanish I told them I needed a propane delivery, and they said it would be that afternoon.

No one showed up.

I called back today and this time did get a woman who spoke English. She didn’t know what I was talking about when I mentioned the previous order, but not to worry, someone would be there in 25 minutes.

An hour later with still no Zagas truck in sight, I called back, got the same woman, who said the problem was that they couldn’t find the house. I told her I had been watching for them, and hadn’t even seen a truck go by. She called the driver, got back on the phone, and said not to worry, they would be here in 10 minutes. This time I decided to wait out in the yard.

About 20 minutes later a Zagas truck drove past the house. I ran out of the yard yelling “Senor! Senor!”, and managed to flag him down.The driver pulled up, came into my yard, looked at the tank, and told me they would have to send someone else because he didn’t have the right adapter. Another truck would be by in 10 minutes. I start to sense a pattern.

15 minutes later another truck, the bed filled with propane tanks similar to the one I need filled. I had assumed that the tank would be refilled with a hose, but it seems they just swap it out for a new one, and rather than charge by the liter (which I also assumed), they charge a flat fee based on the size of the tank. So while the small one is 10 Kg and costs $211P, this one is 30 and costs 3 times as much.

There was probably still propane in the tank they removed, but understanding how it
works better now, I doubt it would have lasted past Monday or Tuesday.

Bienvenidos a Mexico!


I just got my first look at our governor (on the left). Hubba hubba.