Salve Centurion Vorenus; Welcome to time travel

Kevin McKidd has a new show on NBC this fall:

Kevin McKidd (Rome) stars as Dan Vassar in this new series from NBC set to air in the fall of 2007. Dan is happily married with a son. It seems like he has everything going for him. Dan ends up traveling into the past. He changes people’s lives, sometimes for the better, but sometimes not. During his travels he meets up with Livia Beale, he was engaged to her when she died in a plane crash. Knowing the future he has a chance to save her but how will that change his own future?

Director Alex Graves is familiar to many of us West Wings fans as well as being the Exec producer and sometimes director on the recently failed The Nine. Kevin Falls is a West Wing and Sports Night writer.

So, good chops all around, I figure. Only problem I can see is the premise, which smacks of Quantum Leap meets the plot line for at least 3-4 movies & shows that came out last year.

As long as he act exactly like Vorenus I will watch.

So what? I love time travel / alternate universe type stories. I enjoyed Quantum Leap and Sliders. I even enjoyed Voyagers! starring that master thespian Jon Erik Hexum.

I really hope Ray Stevenson (Titus Pullo) guest stars at some point.

So you hope the second season makes no sense at all, character wise?


Huh, this sounds interesting – and hey, I was a fan of McKidd’s performance in Rome (the character’s actions in season 2 were the fault of the writers, after all – I thought McKidd still did a good job, particularly in the first two episodes of s2, and the finale).

I’ll have to keep an eye out for this. Maybe we can imagine Vorenus in the lead in Chrono Trigger?

He actually has his own show that involved zombies, but I dont’ think it was optioned. :( It was supposed to be on Fox.

Titus Pullo versus the zombies?? HOW CAN THAT NOT BE ON TV?? Fucking Fox.

:( Not optioned? The show was called Babylon Fields, and sounded like it could be good. It was supposed to be somewhat of a comedy and wasn’t really zombies as such; the dead were conscious and retained their former personalities. They all insist on resuming their former lives, and HILARITY ENSUES. I was looking forward to it.

QFT. That would have been awesome. Sounds like that wasn’t quite the premise of the actual show, but I like Pullo vs. Zombies better.

Last I checked they had a chance a midseason replacement slot. And it was CBS.

Fuck FOX anyway, just on general principle.