Sam and Max 2

I never played the first game but I heard some good things about it, in fact almost universal praise.
As ‘Sam and Max 2’ is supposed to be ‘The first game times five with all the boring crap taken out’ anyone wanna fill me in on the first game?

It was one of many Lucasarts ‘early 90’s’ graphic adventures built with the infamous SCUMM interface engine. You move the mouse around the screen looking for hotspots, and more often than not, the goal of the game is to discover what to do with said hotspots once found. You should know the drill…

What was unique about the game however were the bizarre interactions between the scandalously shrewd main duo, the detailed and comical worldly settings and characters, and some extremely debaucherous writing. Truly a very bizarre tale filled with bizarre puzzles and bizarre events to think-tank your way through.

If you’ve played a Lucasarts graphic adventure over the years, you’ve played them all. The charatcers, the art, the puzzles, and the quest may change, but at it’s core it’s very much the same product. I always found them quite addicting and in the case of Lucasarts renditions, extremely entertaining and whimsical enough to enjoy each and every one from beginning to end. The presentation is always kept at a high standard, and attempts at humor is constant, puzzles are rich and ‘often’ imaginitive. Sam n Max, much like the Maniac Mansion titles, Monkey Island games, or Indy and the Fate of Atlantis, were high calibur products. I hope for the best with the upcoming sequel, as I do for Full Throttle 2.

Where’d you get that quote 'cause I found very little of the first one to be ‘boring crap’. I don’t like the sound of that.

Sam and Max are a unique team of a detective dog and deranged bunny who claim to be freelance police. In Sam and Max Hit the Road they go around the US solving the mystery of the missing sasquatch. The gameplay is similar to Sierra’s * Quest mouse interface where you cycle through the appropriate mouse icon and click on the hotspot. The conversations are handled Lucasarts style with branching conversations trees. The humor in the game (and comic) is quite non sequituir, out there type jokes which clicks very well for some but not for all.

Humorous lines:

Sam: “Where should I put this thing so that it doesn’t hurt anyone we know or care about?”
Max:“Out the window, Sam. There’s nobody but strangers out there.”

Sam: My little buddy here needs to use the facilities.
Max: Facilities be damned! I need a bathroom!

Sam: Percent sign, Ampersand, Dollar Sign.
Max: And colon, semi-colon too!
Telekenic Guy: What are you two F@*#&*g doing?
Sam: Swearing in longhand askrisk mouth

The best part of the first game was the witty dialogue coupled with the surreal environment. Heck, who else would feature bungie jumping out of the nostrils of Mount Rushmore?

There was a fair amount of traipsing about, which was great from a visual standpoint because the background art was cool, but maybe not so actively entertaining. Not sure if this is what they consider the ‘boring crap’ part. shrug

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Oohhh! Thanks a lot, I LOVE these type of game when they’re done well (As in the puzzles actually make sense, ‘chess piece on chess board’ as opposed to 'magical wand handed to you by skeleton from the ground)
Maniac Mansion was a fantastic game, I still have the NES version,

Here’s the interview I took the quote from: I paraphrased of course but that’s what he said.

that line is fantastic. Thanks everyone I’ll keep my eye to the ground as the release date approaches.

The game was gonna be developed outside of Lucasarts but now it is gonna be developed inside Lucasarts right?

More Sam & Max quotes:

Sam: Aww… It’s a cute hypercephalic (?) kitten.
Max: I’ll call him mittens cause I think he’d make a fine pair of them.

Sam: I’ve got something in my eye.
Max: Try digging it out with a fork. That always works for me.

Sam ‘n’ Max Hit the Road was an absolutely brilliant game. I bougth is simply because of the warning label on the box. “Warning: Contains Naked Bunny with Attitude.”.

is an inteview with Steve Purcell, the creator of the Sam ‘n’ Max comics.

long live sam and max l love those guys!!!