Sam he is: Splinter Cell Double Agent:

In which Sam Fisher goes to jail and hangs out with some truly bad dudes.

One of the great additions to this game that I noticed is that you can put bots in the multiplayer to fill out empty spots.

I could never get into SC multiplayer before, because of the incredibly steep learning curve. I really really wanted to play it though, and i loved the ideas behind it. I just got so frustrated having no idea where anything was on the map , and just dying over and over. Made worse by 12 years olds grabbing my guy and yelling “DIE NUUUB” into my ear.

Now, I can load any map up with 3 easy bots and try out the maps and see what basic tactics need to be employed. It also opens up online co-op.

Bots only work for mercenaries, though. There are no spy bots.

Also, the bots get pretty frustrating pretty quick, at least compared to a human player. But, as you say, they are a great way to learn the map.


I’ve read your review and Gamespot’s, and from both it sounds like the whole moral decisions angle isn’t really a big deal at all. That’s too bad, as it was the thing that had me most excited for this game. I really like having multiple alignment paths in RPGs, and it sounded like they were doing the same thing here. Instead, it sounds like you mostly just have more objectives to accomplish, but you still have to accomplish them all (i.e. no situations where they are mutually exclusive), and then at a few points you get a choice shoved into your face. Is that about right?

I’m pretty sure I mentioned it in the review, but there are definitely mutually exclusive objectives.

But, yeah, for the most part, the moral decision angle is underplayed and it’s just a regular ol’ Splinter Cell game.


I’ll take the same-same gameplay because I am old and suck at these games despite my undying love for them. But…no PC version? ;_;

I hope Jesus brings me a 360 on his birthday.

I’m ok with the same gameplay, Chaos Theory was awesome, I just was hoping for more.

It took a few games, but I’m happy to see them iron out the multiplayer. Attempting to play a match in the past entries was a surefire way to frustrate me and my penchant for turning off my Xbox with my foot. (A man can only absorb so many cleverly placed prox mines afterall)

Dumbing it down and rethinking the experience is a masterstroke, at least based off the demo over XBL last week. Instant gratification, accessible fun!

Nice review, didn’t even know Tom was a fan of this series, I’m saddened to hear that the campaign isn’t as freeform either. Early previews suggested the thing being a maturation of the experience recycled boorishly on Xbox. I don’t think I finished a single one of those games.

What?! There’s no PC version?

I’m pretty sure there’s a PC version coming out in a week or so. A PS2 version also.


Good, I was upset for a minute there. I can’t play these games with a joypad. I tried on the first splinter cell and gave up until it came out on the PC, where I enjoyed the heck out of it.

WHEW! It wasn’t in the sidebar of your little column. DON’T SCARE ME TOM ;_;

nice review, though I wish I hadnt read it, no spoilers really, but you mention some “oh shit!” moments that I’m afraid will now be “oh there that moment is”

So, has anyone else picked this up? Or, more to the point: has anyone else picked this up that sucks at Splinter Cell multiplayer that would want to play with fellow novices?

I’m likely going to grab it next week during the TRU sale.

Me too, and I’d be happy to play some Newbie Multiplayer.

flyinj: I nevr played multi on the other SCs, and have this waiting for me at bestbuy after work. I want to hit up SP first, but I might be up to try some multi next week (which lines up nicely with these other folks if they are waiting till 10/22 for the sale)

Cool, sounds like a plan.

Aw, rats, I am sorry about that.

I’m super sensitive about spoilers, so I try to avoid them religiously, which can make it hard to write certain reviews. Yahoo already got one angry email about spoilers in the Double Agent review, so I’ll try to be more careful. Suffice to say, however, that I don’t feel like I ruined anything substantive.

It’s apples and oranges. Single player won’t help you with MP. And vice versa. So, c’mon, join us already.


So merely by saying there are surprises you ruin the surprise?