Sam Lloyd, of scrubs fame, passed away at 56

56 is too soon. He was a fantastic character actor.

He was the TV guide fetishist in those couple of Seinfeld episodes, right?

And Christopher Lloyd’s nephew.

He’ll always be Bob Engler, US Space Command to me.

RIP. His sad sack performance in Scrubs was wonderful. Ted Buckland’s losing battle with Baxter the dog is beautifully done:

He was an accomplished singer, too. His group “The Blanks” made a number of appearances on Scrubs (as “The Worthless Peons”), where they were usually doing something ridiculous, like singing old TV theme songs or advertising jingles a cappella. But occasionally they’d play something more or less straight.

One of the good guys.

Something about the way he over-pronounces Lucy as “Lyewssiee” just breaks me up every time. Dude was hilarious.

His Lennon-esque bio on the Blanks’ website is fun, too:

Member of the greatest air band of all time.