Sam & Max episode 4 is out on game tap

So far episode 4 seems a bit more meatier. The puzzles are a bit harder and infact I’m kind of stuck at the moment.

Do you know if they are going to do a compilation of the episodes afterward all of them are released?

I understand the retail package coming this fall will be just that.

The puzzles are still pretty easy - their setup’s just not very good. Right at the start, it’s not clear what you’re meant to be doing (I spent ages trying to find Sybil’s dating forms) and later on, there’s one that requires you to pay attention to something that’s always been background detail before.

I’m loving the Sam and Max games. The only strong flaw (there are several minor flaws), though, is the re-use of the Office, Sybil’s, Bosco’s, and Street area. I’m awfully tired of going back to those same areas, and seeing mostly the same things in every episode. Apart from that, and some minor gripes like the poor setups Charybdis mentions, they’re amusing games that last just long enough for my taste.