Sam Mendes to tackle James Bond?

The British helmer is in negotiations to direct the 23rd installment of the James Bond franchise.

Production is being fast-tracked and could begin as early as June with an eye toward a 2011 release. Plans for the film are moving forward despite a possible sale of MGM. Sony co-produced and distributed the most recent installment of the 007 series with MGM.

I’ve always wanted a Bond film where Bond is an American dealing with the destruction of his family unit. (Kidding.)

I saw this earlier and thought it was a really interesting and possibly great choice. I didn’t like Forster’s direction in Quantum and think Mendes could bring something new to the franchise. Nothing says Bond like white suburban angst. (kidding too!)

Jimmy Bond in Casino Royale?

I honestly wish they would just keep bringing Martin Campbell back. He’s shown that he can handle the action and does well with the character as well (he did Casino Royale and Goldeneye).

edit: I guess Mendes is interesting, I just fear for the action part of the film.

Funnily enough, his war movie Jarhead is about people who don’t get enough action!

Didn’t we just do this “serious director of character films with no flair for action” experiment?

Yeah, and it worked out awesome for the Batman franchise. Unless you’re Alexlitel.

Actually wouldn’t mind seeing Nolan or JJ Abrams try a James Bond film since they are in the mood to experiment anyway. I think both would probably do better than Mendes or the Kite Runner guy… as long as Abrams didn’t let the Star Trek writers go too nuts on the rewrites or turn it into Transformers 2.

JJ Abam’s Bond film is scattered into pieces like “Alias: Season 1 and 2” and “Mission Impossible III.”

That’s what cinematographers are for.

Bad guy = Javier Bardem = Awesome.

I just watched Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story last night, and was thoroughly enamored by the woman playing Jennie, the production assistant. I looked her up on IMDB, and it turns out she was that one girl in 28 Days Later. And, for the purposes of this thread, she’s going to be playing Moneypenny.

Naomie Harris:

Cue a Kelly Wand Rawrrrrrr.

Holy crap is she hawt.

And yeah, I’m excited about the next Bond film. It sounds like it’ll be miles above Quantum of Hey Get Your Bourne Movie Out of My Bond Movie.

This bodes very well indeed.