Sam Raimi takes a trip to the World of Warcraft

That could work.

Raimi definately has the cinematic ability to pull off an epic fantasy movie… I’m just wondering how much it will feel like a Raimi movie when it’s done.

I think Charles Roven is a good producer as well… I guess he’s directed some garbage over the years, but he also did classics like Twelve Monkeys, you have to respect anyone who can wring a cohesive movie out of Gilliam.

Live action :<

I wish it is CG like Final Fantasy instead.

So no word on who’s doing the script for this? I imagine Legendary and Blizzard want a Lord of the Rings treatment that takes the lore seriously. Maybe something about, I dunno, Prince Arutha or some such thing.

But with Raimi directing, I can almost see something meta and TRON-ish, with a player sucked into the game world or something goofy like that.


Oh man, I will be so disappointed if (when) the Scourge don’t draw heavily on the Deadites for inspiration.

“Sally fgthagh!”

No, given the project’s long public history, I can’t imagine the script hasn’t been done for awhile, though more rewrites are likely happening now. Alex Tse seems like a possibility.

Might be worth mentioning that Legendary also owns the rights to Diablo.

I have a feeling the movie will end up being a series of long battles with all the fighters assembled in neat rows, shouting war cries and rushing to make love to one another through magic.

At first glance I thought it was great news, then I remembered the duo Tapert/Raimi producing Hercules & Xena, and then fear came. Oh well…

On first hearing of this, I have no interest in it. After all, I thought the story in Warcraft 3 was absolutely terrible. But then, screenwriters might do a much better job writing a story in that universe than Blizzard did, so who knows?

So is Brandon Routh playing Thrall or not?!



So… you’re afraid it will be awesome. Wait what?

I assume this will be released somewhere around the 2012 time frame (Raimi does spiderman 4 in 2010, starts on Warcraft in 2011). It would be smart if Blizzard were planning to have a major Warcraft release at that same time.

It would make sense to have the movie advertise for a new product, a WoW2, so you can draw new people in, old people back, and use the movie to transition from WoW to WoW2. As such I would guess that the movie won’t tell a known story but will tell a major world changing new one that sets up WoW2.


Could be decent, but its hard to separate Warcraft from its cartooniverse roots.

If your idea of awesome sword & sorcery and heroic fantasy is Hercules or Xena then we live on different planets. I can understand digging it in a cheesy or campy way, but other than that…


I could see 3 main possible storylines.

  1. The Well of Eternity, Malfurion and Queen Azshara. The downside is that there would be a lot of characters to introduce, including guys like Archimonde. This wouldn’t be my top choice. However, if they get Alizee to do the night elf dance, I’m SO there.

  2. Thrall. The advantage here is that you’re following just one main character and there’s a lot of space for character development and emotion. The downside is that storyline isn’t that epic and how would audiences react to a green skinned orc killing humans?

  3. Arthas. This is probably the best of all the options. It follows just one character (human) and has amazing potential for emotional connection to the audience. However, there’s an awful lot of backstory that’ll need to be glossed over.

I’m just excited that Bruce Campbell will be in another major picture.

I vote for splatstick horror comedy involving a raid group continually bouncing off one boss because people just don’t seem to grasp they shouldn’t stand in the clearly-marked You Die If You Stand Here circles.

You might have missed the fact that those shows were intended to be enjoyed in a cheesy and campy way.